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Star Wars Episode VII - Treatment Leaked

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Mike Cohen
Star Wars Episode VII - Treatment Leaked
on Nov 6, 2012 at 4:14:23 am

Not sure if this has hit the internets yet, but I've got the scoop. Avert your eyes now to avoid spoilers.

They've picked some unknown writer from Connecticut of all places.

You've been warned.

Opening Crawl:



It is 30 years after the death of Darth Vader and Palpatine.
The Rebel Alliance has given way to the New Galactic Republic.
Supreme Chancellor Leia Organa resides over a Senate comprised of over 1000 planets from the far corners of the galaxy.

After decades of relative peace, a new enemy has emerged, striking trading posts in the Outer Rim systems. Warriors from Mandalore have attacked fuel depots and taking hundreds of traders hostage.

Demanding a meeting with the Supreme Chancellor to negotiate their terms, the Mandalorians have arranged a meeting on the floating former Tabana gas mine hovering over the planet Bespin. Accompanying Chancellor Organa are some old friends...

Tilt down from star field to reveal the gas planet Bespin. Camera pans away, past the distant sun, revealing the blackness of space.

The Millenium Falcon pops into view, exiting Hyperspace. Camera zooms into cockpit where Chewbacca is at the controls.

After receiving landing coordinates, Chewie pilots the Falcon through familiar valleys of structures to land on Platform 1138. The landing ramp lowers and several bodyguards and an assistant exit followed by Chancellor Organa and a golden protocol droid.

Cut to meeting room. Leia, her assistant and droid are seated at one end of a conference table, opposite 3 warriors in Mandalorian armor.

One of the warriors removes his helmet, introduces himself as Prince Vostro and presents his terms: The Republic is to allow unfettered trade of rare kaibur crystals, without taxation or Jedi interference, and the hostages will be released. Leia counters that the Republic does not negotiate with terrorists and that the kaibut crystals are exclusively used by the Jedi. The meeting ends in a stalemate.

In the Republic group's quarters, Leia looks out the window, remembering a much different visit many years ago. The doors open and several Mandalorians enter, guns drawn. The bodyguards raise their weapons and are instantly shot by the attackers. The protocol droid steps in front of Leia, emits a force field, and fires lasers from a concealed weapon in its arm, hitting one of the warriors, giving Leia time to escape onto the balcony. The droid is then blown to pieces and the assistant captured. Just before his eyes go dark, the droid says, in a familiar voice, "why does this keep happening to me?!"

Out on the balcony Leia removes her formal gown, revealing a bad ass leather uniform, complete with guns and other accessories. She fires a grappling hook up to a gantry and hoists herself up. Upon her arrival, she is faced with several jetpack wearing warriors, who open fire. Leia somersaults out of harm's way, gets a few shots off, then jumps to a higher platform. There is more to the former Princess than we thought.

On the upper platform, more warriors arrive, along with an assault speeder. Outnumbered, Leia makes a run for it but is surrounded with her back to a guard rail. Vostro arrives and once again asks for Leia to make a deal. Leia says she would rather die, and lets herself fall backwards over the rail, landing feet first on the nose of the Millenium Falcon. The Quad cannon rotates into firing position with Han Solo at the controls. Leia walks over to the docking hatch, smiles, enters the ship. Inside the Falcon, Leia and Han have their reunion, some chit chat about running into old friends, and they are on their way.

But as the Falcon is about to jump into hyperspace, a fleet of battle cruisers appears and open fire on the outgunned ship. Chewie tries evasive maneuvers, but the main engines are hit and the ship is pulled into the lead ship by tractor beam.

Inside the cruiser's landing bay, the Falcon's passengers are met by Prince Vostro who asks a 3rd time for a deal. This time Leia, Han and Chewbacca surrender. Vostro has the prisoners handcuffed and tells them not to try escaping again. To be sure, he has the Millenium Falcon destroyed and ejected into space. As the prisoners are led into the ship, the camera pans and follows the fragments of the beloved Corellian cruiser out into space, zooming into the remains of the cockpit, where a homing beacon is flashing a message.

Wipe to Coruscant, to the Jedi Temple. In the Jedi Council chamber, the members are meeting to discuss general council issues: a lack of crystals for new lightsaber construction, evaluation of a new comlink system, and the unreliability of the current RK series of astromech droids. Jedi Master Lam Nafar suggests going back to the more reliable R2 series. Master Kal Organa comments that the R2 droids are old, almost as old as...

Just then the doors open and a cloaked figure enters, removes his hood and says "you were saying?" Master Luke Skywalker, bearded and battle scarred leader of the Jedi Order gives Organa a smile and takes his seat.

"I've received word that the Chancellor and her party are in trouble," Skywalker reveals.

The council deliberates and agrees that Skywalker should not be part of the rescue party, nor should Organa, the Chancellor's only son. A team of Republic commandos accompanied by a particular R2 unit and several other Jedi board an unmarked transport and blast off towards the homing beacon's last known position.

Meanwhile Master Skywalker goes to his private chamber to listen to the Force.

Cut to the prison level of Vostro's cruiser. Leia and her friends sit in a nicely appointed prison cell, wondering why they keep finding themselves in these situations. Han suggests it may be time to retire, Chewbacca makes a snarky comment, and Leia rolls her eyes.
Looking around the room, Chewie mutters something and Han says they have a plan.

Knocking on the door they get the attention of a guard, overcome him (they do have a Wookie), steal his armor and make a run for it. Leia reminds them they don't have a ship. Han tells her to trust him. Around the next turn the group is confronted by a squad of warriors. Chewbacca throws Han (wearing the armor) at the other troopers, then they use the chaos to run towards an escape pod which they enter and jettison. Before the cruiser's captain realize what has happened, the escape pod has flown out of range toward an unremarkable desert planet....

This is where the leaked treatment ended, but I think I can recover the rest. Give me a couple days.

That was fun. I'm sure there are 1,000+ more of these being written as we speak.

Mike Cohen

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Scott Roberts
Re: Star Wars Episode VII - Treatment Leaked
on Nov 6, 2012 at 3:52:18 pm

I like all the action, but the prequels ruined having "Star Wars" and "Meeting Room" in the same sentence for me.

I kind of hope for there to be a ton of action in the new ones, but a more focused, restrained action. Like a James Bond movie or something, where we're following one string of insane stuff going on, but it's only one string and we aren't overwhelmed.

I just don't want the next guy that takes over to feel the need to cram as much stuff as possible into every frame. Subtle, it must be.

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Mark Suszko
Re: Star Wars Episode VII - Treatment Leaked
on Nov 7, 2012 at 3:20:03 pm

Carrie Fisher is too old for that level of stunt work.

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Stephen Smith
Re: Star Wars Episode VII - Treatment Leaked
on Nov 7, 2012 at 4:10:47 pm

Based on the treatment I don't think the writer was even thinking of Carrie Fisher. I think they would find some one new. But didn't the treatment say 30 years later? How old was Princess Leia in Episode 6? 30 years old? That would make her 60 years old in the treatment.

I like the idea of none of them being in it except Luke, and he is a Obi-Wan type character.

Stephen Smith
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Mark Suszko
Re: Star Wars Episode VII - Treatment Leaked
on Nov 7, 2012 at 5:49:48 pm

TRON showed you could digitally regress an actor but even there it worked because it was set in a TRON universe. You could digitally sculpt a younger Carrie onto the current one, but better to avoid it.

A story set around stealing the plans tot he first Death Star and getting them to the Princess means that if you need to have Carrie in it, it's just at the end, or thru some hologram interface effects. Carrie was barely 18 in A New Hope.

Hamill's surgery scars are not aging well at all and he'll look like the real Palpatine before too much longer.
Let the classics go and build anew, it's a big shared universe. You have the shattered Empire to reintegrate back into a Republic, a new Jedi Order to recruit, teach, and deploy. You have everything you need for more new good stories.

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