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Comic Con 2012

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Mike Cohen
Comic Con 2012
on Jul 18, 2012 at 1:13:46 am

One of these years I'll dust off my Sweded cardboard Boba Fett costume and actually attend the annual geekfest in San Diego. But alas, here are some highlights culled from YouTube:

A quick highlight tour of the exhibit floor:


Oz the Great and Powerful

Let's see - Disney, Live Action, Massive amounts of CG, homage to the most beloved movie ever, Sam Raimi.

Sam Raimi gives me hope that this will be more than a visual effects soup. But one expects to hear Danny Elfman and see Johnny Depp.


Robert Downey Jr judging an Iron Man costume contest

What a thrill for the parents. The kids didn't seem too impressed!


Superman: Man of Steel

The teaser is being held under wraps until next week, maybe we'll be able to add it here once it goes public.

They did a panel with Zack Snyder and some cast members. Could be exciting


The Hobbit

If you can tolerate 20 minutes of hand held video recording off the I-Mag screen you obviously have taken your daily nausea medicine. But you could use it as background noise while doing something else.

It amazes me that people fly half way around the world to promote a movie, but a crowd of 6500 people in one place is certainly a captive audience.
You need only watch 20 seconds to get the gist.

Peter Jackson is uber generous with sharing the filmmaking experience as seen in the making-of video blogs below. I could watch these all a few more times

#1 - Introduction

#2 - Really amazing piece about location scouting with a armada of choppers

#3 - Cast and Crew and a cool ending

#4 - 3D RED Epic - need I say more?

#5 - Logistics of 7 Weeks of Locations

#6 - Location work

#7 - Visit to Stone Street Studio


Sorry got a bit hung up on the Hobbit.

Maybe next year the COW can send Scott and Mark to do live reports from Comic Con.



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Scott Roberts
Re: Comic Con 2012
on Jul 19, 2012 at 3:15:39 pm

Man, that looks like fun. I was listening to Stern this week, and they sent a producer to do some interviews at Comic-Con, to get funny sound bites of costumed people and such, but the thing I remember most is when he described how Comic-Con completely takes over the entire city of San Diego during its duration: "We were 8 blocks away from the convention center, and the second you leave the hotel, they're everywhere. You're waiting at intersections with Darth Vader. Superman is sitting on a bench. We went to Nobu, which is supposed to be this high class, hard to get into sushi restaurant... and at the table next to us is Batman and the Green Lantern enjoying a meal. It's pretty wild."

Luckily, I avoided Superman Returns, so I haven't been tainted with a terrible modern era Superman movie, so I'm looking forward to this new one. Zack Snyder... hmmm... I REALLY hated Sucker Punch, to the point where I question everything he's actually about. Because it was his first original screenplay... but I really like Watchmen and Dawn of the Dead and 300, so I'll give him another chance (on someone else's material).

That Oz movie does look extremely Tim Burton-y. But I'll give Sam Raimi the benefit of the doubt. I like the concept.

I think I'm going to take the "avoid everything possible" path when it comes to The Hobbit. Granted, I already know how the story will go since I've read the book (actually I haven't read it in 10 years, maybe I should do a quick re-read this summer...?), but I'd like to keep the visuals something of a surprise. Then, when it gets released on Blu-ray, just have an epic marathon of special features some lazy Saturday.

[Mike Cohen] "Maybe next year the COW can send Scott and Mark to do live reports from Comic Con."

I can go in a COW Man costume!

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Mike Cohen
Re: Comic Con 2012
on Jul 19, 2012 at 5:07:27 pm

The COW Man superhero drawing exists. Was there ever an actual comic strip drawn?

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Tim Wilson
Re: Comic Con 2012
on Jul 19, 2012 at 7:05:12 pm

[Mike Cohen] "The COW Man superhero drawing exists. Was there ever an actual comic strip drawn?"

Alas, no.

The picture was drawn by Ryan Sook, a friend of the Lindebooms. He's a very respected artist whose career includes 7 years at DC, where he mostly worked on covers, including quite a few Batmans and Supermans. (Spidey and others along the way, needless to say.)

If you're inclined, worth poking around his stuff.

Some Google Images. That's a search on Ryan Sook covers, but you can do some others if you're inclined.
His own site. Not as much DC, Marvel, etc. stuff for obvious reasons...

I'll see if I can find the Super Bessie image he drew for us, but it's pretty cool in this especially superhero-y summer to think of Bessie taking her place in the artistic pantheon....

Tim Wilson
Vice President, Editor-in-Chief
Creative COW Magazine
Twitter: timdoubleyou

The typos here are most likely because I'm, a) typing this on my phone; and b) an idiot.

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