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Stephen Smith
on Mar 27, 2012 at 3:56:55 pm

I figured Abduction sucked but I wanted to see some action so I thought why not Redbox it. It has a Rotten Tomato rating of 4%. Way lower then GI Joe, which wasn't...well, you know. So my expectations where very low. Here is the trailer if you have never heard of the film.

I've only seen the first Twilight and hope to never see another one so I'm not very familiar with Taylor Lautner. In this film his acting and others seemed sloppy and unbelievable.

There is some cool tension when the main character learns that he is a Missing Person and starts to try to figure things out.

There is one part where Taylor Lautner is meeting with some CIA agents in a building. The CIA has two snipers on the roof and 3 guys guarding the outside of the building. The bad guys take out the snipers and then repeal down the roof and come in from the side and take out the other agents. I remember thinking, the building is surrounded. How is he going to get out of this? Taylor Lautner and his girl friend take off out the back door and drive away. WHAT! No one bothered to guard the back door. I can see the bad guys having their pre-meeting. Bad guy 1 - "So, 5 CIA agents are guarding the front of the building and no one is watching the back. Why don't we just sneak in the back and.." Main Bad Guy -"No, No, No! That would never work. Lets take out the highly trained CIA agents in the front so they can see us coming and wet their pants in fear before we get them."

The stadium part was cool just because it felt big. I don't want to spoil it but the "gun" part is silly and there would have been a lot better ways to handle that. The ending felt like the writers couldn't come up with any other way out. It was fun to see Taylor Lautner jump through the beams and stuff.

Bottom line, this is better then 4%. If you want to watch some action then this was worth a dollar.


Taylor Lautner's best friend helps him out at the end. He is in a car in the parking lot with Taylor's girl friend. Then at the end of the movie Taylor's girl friend comes out to talk with him and they walk in the sun set. I was waiting to see his best friend in his car in an empty parking lot looking at his watch saying, where's my best friend, is this movie over? Taylor and his girlfriend should have been back by now.

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