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Paranormal Activity 2

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Scott Roberts
Paranormal Activity 2
on Oct 26, 2010 at 4:26:29 pm

I went and saw Paranormal Activity 2 after work yesterday on a whim. I liked the first Paranormal Activity, but didn't love it, it was nice minimalist horror. So I don't know if you've ever gone to a movie at 6 pm on a Monday night, but I was literally the only person in the theater. I don't know what was scarier, the movie itself, or the fact I was watching it alone in an enormous, dark room! (this is the third time I've somehow gotten to see a film by myself in a theater in my life, and I always think about the projectionist. Because I feel like a jerk for wasting his time just because I alone bought an $8 ticket. I wonder if he would have gotten to avoid working this movie if I didn't buy the ticket?)

The movie itself was alright. Though, the first 20-30 minutes or so are painfully boring. I get that it was all for character development, so we know a little more about the people that are about to get messed with, but this family the movie was centered on was just horribly uninteresting. I would have liked it better if the first shot of the movie was some ghost carnage. The normalcy worked in the first movie because that was at least something of an original concept, but for the sequel, we get it, they are an average family, they are just like my family! My family is boring too, get to the demon already!

I don't normally fall victim to jump scares too easily, I have a pretty good tolerance for anticipating them and not really having much physical reaction to them when they happen. But wow, there was one in this movie that got me good, got me real good. I knew something was going to happen in the shot, it was obvious, and they held the pre-scare shot in anticipation for an agonizing 45 seconds, just making you try and guess what's going to happen. I did NOT expect what actually happened to happen (which was really cool actually) and in combination with the theater surround sound blasting the scare from all directions, I haven't gotten that rattled from a jump scare in a loooooong time. There were several other cool eerie scenes that had me feeling a little uneasy as well, but yeah, kudos on getting me startled!

I don't know if overall Paranormal Activity 2 is worth $8, as you have to sit through 90 minutes for 4 good scare scenes, but they do a good job on those parts that mattered. If you didn't like the first one, I can't imagine you'd like this one, it's not an improvement, it's basically the same. And I'd recommend watching the first one first, as the two movies actually directly relate to each other, which I commend them for. It would have been actually easier to just pick a random new family to terrorize, but they tied it in with the first one in a pretty cool way. And they left it open for more at the end. I imagine they will be making plenty more of these, as it made $47 million its first weekend off of a $3 million production budget...!

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