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The Last Exorcism

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Scott Roberts
The Last Exorcism
on Aug 30, 2010 at 2:26:46 pm

We saw The Last Exorcism over the weekend, and while it was a decent movie I suppose (it was at least entertaining while I was watching it), I get the feeling like this type of horror film has got to be on its way out. It almost felt outdated, and I'm only comparing it to horror films from maybe 5 to 10 years ago. It had the same twitchy, contorted style of body movement horror that used to be the main feature of the Japanese-horror-remake fad from the early 2000s ("hey look, she's walking around with her head 3/4ths upside down and her fingers going in all directions... ...well, that's all we got!").

At the very least it had an interesting premise, about a con-man preacher trying to prove that exorcisms are actually phony. Of course, as you can imagine he actually walks into a real possession while he brings a camera crew along. That brings up another thing I wasn't the biggest fan of, the Blair Witch/Cloverfield fake documentary thing. I think it worked for those two movies, and hasn't worked for basically every other horror movie that has tried it. The novelty has just wore off in my opinion. And I think when it doesn't work, it just feels like they are trying too hard (or maybe not enough?).

The movie was OK, it had kind of a bizarre ending, but it probably could have benefited from going the extra mile in the crazy department (slightly tame overall), which might have been because it was PG-13. It does tackle some pretty heavy topics that I wasn't expecting it to, though. It's like they didn't know what point they were trying to make in the end. Overall, I'm happy I saw it, probably won't see it again, and probably will forget about its existence in a few weeks. I prefer my horror movies more like last week's Piranha 3D, ya know, when they're actually fun.

But it was only 85 minutes long, thumbs up for that!

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Mark Suszko
Re: The Last Exorcism
on Aug 30, 2010 at 4:58:36 pm

I guess the only thing left is, to tell it from the POV of the victim, who actually is fine, and normal, but everyone around her tells her she is posessed, and they are going to "purge the demons from her".

However, this would easily fall into regular horror tropes itself.

I'm reminded again of a musical movie HBO produced, a fictional account of a con-woman who becomes a TV faith healer as a way to promote her singing career. She gets more and more popular and then one day, live on TV, she actually heals a kid, for real. And it freaks. her. out.

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