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Corrupted files from shared PDW-U2 (Win-7)

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Jacek Kabacinski
Corrupted files from shared PDW-U2 (Win-7)
on Sep 17, 2016 at 1:29:14 pm

We are using following configuration (for simplicity- only 3 PC - in fact there are many more):

1. Computer-A: PC with Win-7, PDW-U2 connected to USB-3.0. PDW-U2 is shared for read for network users.
2. Computer-B: PC with Win-XP connected to network
3. Computer-C: PC with Win-7 connected to network

We are using MXF files - IMX-50 4x24 bit audio.

Everything is Ok when we read files locally on PC-A with connected PDW-U2
Everything is Ok when we use PC-C (win-XP) to connect to shared XDCAM drive and then to copy file from XDCAM to PC-C.

But when we use PC-B (win-7) to connect to shared XDCAM drive and then to copy file from XDCAM to PC-B we have strange situation:
- copying is without any failure (by Explorer, by copy, robocopy, TotalCommander etc.) - no error messages
- file on PC-B is corrupted - different checksum, image defects during playback, or frozen frames etc

Everything is OK, when we use PC-A (with PDW-U2) and run "copy" command on it - to copy file to PC-B.

We have checked this on different "source" PC's (with connected PDW-U2) and "destination" PC's.
Final Effect on every transfer of one file is different - different checksums, image defects in different places...

Can anyone explain this?



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Ian Cook
Re: Corrupted files from shared PDW-U2 (Win-7)
on Nov 7, 2016 at 11:56:33 pm

What happens if you use Content Browser on the destination PC to manage the copy? Open CB, File menu-->IMPORT, select your file(s). Or an FTP client. The FTP daemon will at least give us the most verbose logging and feedback.

It's very unusual for a data or permissions issue to result in a successful copy but with video artifacts. Make sure the VFAM driver (XDCAM Drive Software) and drive firmware are up to date and that all U1/U2 devices are running concurrent firmware. Also try disabling the Antivirus software on the PC that the U2 is connected to.

Another test would be to substitute a regular USB HDD for the U2. Before you do this, click on the XDCAM drive icon in the Windows system tray, de-select "run at user logon" and then "quit/exit". This turns off the XDCAM drive background services. As for the HDD, wipe it clean (quick format is fine) and copy trhe XDCAM disc structure to the root. The top level of the drive should look like:


If you do this via a copy from an XDCAM device, do NOT copy both ProAV and CLIP. You'll end up copying all your data twice.

Finally, share this USB drive and try the same workflow.

One last thing to try would be to leave your original configuration intact but hide the ProAV folder (using the utility app) prior to the copy attempt.

I know it seems like a lot of hacking but you stand to gain a better idea of what the problem really is by using Browser or an FTP client; taking the VFAM components out of the picture and using an HDD; disabling your a/v software etc.

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Jacek Kabacinski
Re: Corrupted files from shared PDW-U2 (Win-7)
on Nov 8, 2016 at 7:25:45 pm

Hi Ian,

Thank you for your post.
We have installed last PDW Drive software and firmware ( Drive Utility - ver. 5.0.6).
I have tried to replay copied files on VLC player, XDCAM Viewer (PDZ-VX10 - obsolete, but very useful) and ffplay.
There are video and audio stream defects in different places (every copy of one file has different defects). Size of file rather doesn't matter - defect are even on 20 sec clips (IMX-50).

I will try to use Content Browser and to upload by FTP to PDW-1500.
I will also check disabling antivirus software.

Most strange fact is, that everything is OK, when I use PC with Win XP to copy from shared PDW-U2 (connected to WIN-7 PC).
But I obtain corrupted files when I use PC with Win-7 to copy from shared PDW-U2 (connected to the same WIN-7 PC).

When I copy from PC with connected PDW-U2 to any computer - everything is OK.
When I first copy from PDW-U2 to local HDD (to shared folder) and then copy from any PC then everything is OK.
See picture:

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a>

I have talk with Sony, I'm waiting for reaction.




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