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Sony PDW-F800 trade in program...

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Gary Snyder
Sony PDW-F800 trade in program...
on Oct 18, 2009 at 7:27:59 pm

question to everyone on the board...

When do you think Sony will catch on and start offering a promo
on the PDW-F800 for 1/2 price with a trade in..?

Like the program that Panasonic just did on the 2700 and 3700?
we bought 2 of each -


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john sharaf
Re: Sony PDW-F800 trade in program...
on Dec 8, 2009 at 8:08:25 pm


They never will offer such a program; they don't have to. The P2 Panasonics are a "dog" format and Panny had to try anything to move some inventory, which I don't think they accomplished. The 700 on the other hand is an excellent camera with a complete feature set (with options) and a bulletproof media that the client can walk away with at the end of the day.

To alleviate some upset with the announcement of the 800, Sony has offered a program giving a $1500 reward to anyone who bought both within a certain timeframe. I was able to get mine, but I know a lot of people are upset about what they think is an obscelete 700, but that is not really the case; even with all the options it's less money than an 800 and all you really are missing is the duel filter wheel.


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Gary Snyder
Re: Sony PDW-F800 trade in program...
on Dec 8, 2009 at 8:44:23 pm

P-2 "Dog Format" ?

Gotta tell you... we have 2 of the 2700's and 2 of the 3700's
and they are working all the time... But our clients have always liked the Panasonic look - from the SDX-900's and Varicams and the HDX-900

The AVC-Intra - is an incredible codec for greenscreen...
As one of my client's said.. who bought a 3700
"they made me a deal I couldn't refuse"

I was going to buy (2) of the Sony PDW-F800s - glad I didn't..
I have not received 1 - rental call for them.

Our projects are higher end.... The F-800 seems good for
reality type programs....

I can tell you Panasonic did move quite a few 3700s and 2700s
It may be a regional thing... Out here ( NY ) we see more
Panasonic 3700's

But I am excited about the new Sony SRW-9000 camera with option for
upgrade to 35MM imager... It will be either that camera or the
new ARRI...

I'm not knocking the Sony - it serves a particular market..

My point was, for them to get more placement - they need to be
more aggressive on price....


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