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HD jedi in training...

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Pete Bell
HD jedi in training...
on Jul 22, 2005 at 1:38:53 am

Going on my first official HD shoot this week. Florida Keys, shooting for John Barrett, Fly Fishing America. They have 8 Sony F900 CineAltas
Ive been shooting ENG for about 4+ years ...mostly on Sony DSR 500 and currently...(dont laugh) Ikegami 45w Beta SP...well its better than DVCam thats for sure, but beastly.
Any beginner tips or downfalls to avoid when learning this camera? in other words...whats important to know when going from a dinosaur old school Ikegami to the new school HD?
I have grown to love and trust my zebras and my headsets for sure.
Anything hidden in the menu that ill need?
filter wheels?
Will probably be getting caught in the rain at least twice in the week as well.
what should i NOT do?
please save the wisecracks and stress the important stuff. This is like getting drafted for the big leagues for me.
I dont want to blow it!
Thanks Y'all.


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Bryan Rawles
Re: HD jedi in training...
on Aug 3, 2005 at 11:35:23 pm


There is so much to learn about the f/900 that it would be impossible to cover in a single post, probably why you have not gotten very many responses. If they have 8 f/900's then my guess is that they will allready be matched before you get you hands on it. So don't touch the menu. When shooting run and gun with 900 the two most important things to keep in mind is:

1) Focus. Check the backfocus of your camera twice a day, morning and non, it can fluxuate with temperature. Focus in extremely important in HD, if you have access to an additional monitor, even a 6 inch LCD to confirm focus, I would recommend that.

2) Exposure. When in doubt underexpose. Know where you zebras are set on the camera. The 900 has two sets of zebras, and I don't remember what the factor default is. They may be at 75% and %90. We have our zebras at %70. Generally for run and gun stuff without aid of waveform/vectroscope I'll hit the %70 zebra and then back off a 1/2 stop. Make sure you ask the DIT what the zebras are set out and then TEST! Learn the zebras. Make sure you are black and white balancing of a true white card. Some guys shirt or a piece of paper is not going to do it. There are two filter wheels, one for your ND filters and one for color temp. If you are outside all day just set your color temp and ND as necessary.

Hope that helps, before you hit the record button think, focus, exposure, white balance, backfocus and you should come out fine.


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Pete Bell
Re: HD jedi in training...
on Aug 4, 2005 at 12:41:55 am

Thanx for the quick tips. i'll remember them next time i get a cine alta in my hands.
The 4 day shoot in the keys was pretty hectic. 3 grown men (one 280 lbs) plus 2 900's 2 set of sticks, tapes ane batteries +
all in one canoe! needless to say it was a little nerve racking. that is not to mention the 100 or so sharks within 100 ft of us while shooting in the water.
Pretty fun experience though. They didnt even have a monitor, but i felt pretty comfy about what i rolled off. the head shooter guy kept us at preset for the most part.
To bad the crazy old goat we were shooting didnt catch any fish.(that we were going for)
Don't think im gonna take the position if they offer it to me (barrett productions) as theyre only willing to pay 30 g a year! a little low for the risk and energy involved. (free travel and booze as a perk only goes so far)


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