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Creative Cow Coverage of HD Camera Technology at NAB

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Scott Evans
Creative Cow Coverage of HD Camera Technology at NAB
on Apr 16, 2005 at 1:57:22 pm

Ron and Kathlyn have asked me to provide reports to Creative Cow on new HD camera technology introduced at NAB. As you know, cameras and HD workflows are undergoing revolutionary developments. I hope to provide you with as much useful information as possible so you can stay on top of these changes.

There will be two flights of reports. The first one will be on Monday. It will be press release oriented. I will try to get you as much information as possible, but not at the expense of delaying the coverage. The second report will be on Wednesday. It will be a follow up to the first. I am in awe of the knowledgeable people who post here, and I welcome your input. I'd be grateful for any specific questions you care to post early on Tuesday. To the extent possible, I will pose your questions to the senior people at the camera companies.

I will file the reports in the appropriate forum (HDV, HD high end, P2, CineAlta, JVC or Canon). I won't be cross posting, nor will I file a report if there is nothing new. If you have a general interest in all brands/levels of HD, you may want to check all the camera forums during NAB.

Scott Evans
Reporting on HD Camera Technology from NAB-2005

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Paul Thurston
Creative Cow Coverage of HD Camera Technology at NAB
on Apr 16, 2005 at 4:35:14 pm

Hi Scott,

Here are some questions for Sony:

1. When will an HDCAM SR camcorder show up?

2. Is it possible to have the HDCAM SR & HDCAM product development executives / scientist from Japan to actively join our website?

3. Some of our web readers would like to be included in HD camcorder user feedback and user consultancy. Can a bridge or communications dialog be set up between Sony Japan and our website so this can happen?

-Paul Thurston

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Steve Wargo
Re: Creative Cow Coverage of HD Camera Technology at NAB
on Apr 16, 2005 at 4:44:37 pm


I asked the Sony reps this exact thing last year (all 3 questions)and was promised that someone would "get back to me".

John Sharaf seems to have some valuable connections with Sony as he is in the LA area.

I will corner Mr. Patel this year and ask again. Our point man at Sony used to be Jeff Cree, but he has moved over to BandPro.



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john sharaf
Re: Creative Cow Coverage of HD Camera Technology at NAB
on Apr 16, 2005 at 11:26:12 pm


As always, Sony is next to impossible to deal with. Even though I do have a contact within, it still takes months (or years) to get something accomplished. They continue to have their own agenda which revolves around selling something they think up in a vacuum with only some slight input from the customer base, and usually only from the biggest fish.

To be sure, Panasonic is only a little better; the marketing people are accessible, so are the sales engineers, but getting repairs is a PITA and software revisions for the Varicam have been non-existant so far. I am however quite excited about their new mini-dvcpro100 camera which we'll all see real soon. For that matter I expect a lot of new and exciting news next week at the show!



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Leo Ticheli
Re: Creative Cow Coverage of HD Camera Technology at NAB
on Apr 25, 2005 at 9:40:55 pm

Hi John!
Sorry I missed you at NAB, I could stay only a couple of days.

There is a new software revision for the VariCam. Promises to further clean up the blacks and allow frame rates to be stored and selected via the user buttons.

It's something like $260.00 for cameras out of warranty, cheap. I'm book for the next couple of weeks, commercials in Florida (what a pity) and some aerials in Alabama. Death from above!

Good shooting, my friend!

Southeast USA

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