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Multiple Camcorders on a iMac with Wirecast

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Sidney Almeida
Multiple Camcorders on a iMac with Wirecast
on Jan 24, 2009 at 2:24:32 pm


I need an equipment that I can mix or pre-edit video image from: 2 HDV Camcorders; insert a Powerpoint presentaion or photos; and audio. I should mix and record it in a Hard Drive, so I won't need real time to do the final cut later. I would like to options of either produce DVD or Stream/Broadcast. I would need options of HD/SD quality, so I think components is better but I don't know what is workable.

For it, I have been told that it can be done on the Wirecast. Is it really possible to be done?
The challenge is that I would like to use the iMac I have (I know that it may be easier with a Pro, but for that, I would need to invest more money).

1) Please tell me the options I have using a iMac (OS X v10.5 Leopard)?

2) Please tell me the options if I had a Mac Pro?

3) Please tell me the option if I had a PC with either Quad Core or i7 Core?

Please give me information on the three options. I know that the more expensive is usually better, but I need to balance between what is better and what I can afford. I need to know these options so it will help me to decide in case I need to change the iMac.

I am aware that I will need to get some sort of Graphic Card, or Multiple Firmware, or etc. I need to know what and which please (I am aware of the deck link hd but I need to know also about it on both machines, imac, pro, pc).

The idea is to mount I Studio with two HDV Camcorders, with good Audio, lightning, etc.

Please advise me on what I could do to you use Wirecast for this purpose.
Please bear in mind that all what I have is a iMac with Wirecast trial installed, so I can't make any test until you advise me please.

Best Regards.


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Craig Seeman
Re: Multiple Camcorders on a iMac with Wirecast
on Jan 28, 2009 at 2:21:07 am

If you're using 2 HDV cameras you're likely going to want something with more horsepower than an iMac. ideally you want each camera on a separate firewire buss. HDV makes very heavy demands on a system. Certainly an 8 Core computer (either Mac or Windows) will do better than others.

An iMac might be OK for two DV cameras and some DV cameras may work with two firewire inputs on the same buss but it does depend on the cameras and how they handle the port.

Wirecast can both stream and record to hard drive at the same time. Again what you can attain depend on the the power of the machine. A good Radeon (9600 and up) or GeForce (5200 and up) card will help especially if you want to do chroma key.

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Sidney Almeida
Re: Multiple Camcorders on a iMac with Wirecast
on Jan 31, 2009 at 8:43:46 pm

Thank you Craig Seeman
Before I go for a more powerful than the iMac, I will be making some tests with the iMac, just to be sure. I would like to try Apple first, then the other options (I find that PC gets tired/slow more easily than the Mac).

Now, I looked at an 8 Core MacPro with GeForce (5200) card, 500 GB, plus screen, etc. The cost is around £3,000 ($4,360). The question is:

With this amount of money would I not be able to buy a proper professional equipment to do mixing/editing? Something like a Video Mixer (with Chroma Key feature, etc), having at least 4 (I/O composite, SD, SVideo, etc), audio I/O, preview output, etc?
Bearing in mind that if I had e video mixer I would need also a good Video Recorder (for not to lose frame).

If you know, could you give me some options? Or for the price, would the MacPro be more reliable?

Thank you.

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