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SRW 5500 on pause mode

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Zeinal Haniff
SRW 5500 on pause mode
on Aug 31, 2009 at 7:35:55 am


We have 2 SRW 5500 VT machines used for our studio shoot.

The problem i am facing is:-

When i que up a tape (HDCAM) to be played later and if this tape is qued up for around 10 mintues at a in-point of 10:59:59:00 and than played>it plays fine. This tape has titles of a program which goes on air Mon-Fri.

So the next day if i que to the same in point of 10:59:59:00, we have a very high pitch sound on this in point.
If we make a clone of the title tape and que it to 10:59:59:00, we don't hear the high pitch noise. But than again if the clone tape is left qued up for a while and go back to that in point we can start hearing the high pitch noise.

I have change VT machines and the problem is the same with the second machine.

Also i have tried using a digital beta DVW tape and the result is the same. We hear high pitch noise.

I don't know if it's VT issue or tape issue.

I think when the tape is qued up for a while on a particular in-point for a couple of times, something at this in-point stretches the tape at this point. But what? Is it the machine or we should be queing up tape this long, But again uit is for Studio use and we need this feature.

Has anyone came across this issue? Or is there anything on the setup menue i am missing.
Can anyone suggest something.

Any help is welcome.
Thanking you all in advance.
Many thanks

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Mark Raudonis
Re: SRW 5500 on pause mode
on Sep 10, 2009 at 5:27:14 pm

It sounds like the "pause" mode is damaging the tape... or at least
damaging the recording in that spot.

Reminds me of an old joke: Patient goes to see a doctor to complain about a pain he's having. "Doctor, whenever I do move my arm like this, my back hurts."

Doctor says, "Don't do that!"

Same thing with your deck. Ten minutes is a long time to leave a tape in "pause" mode. There are settings on the deck that will "creep" the tape forward a few frames every minute or so. This was designed to specifically prevent the kind of tape (or signal) damage you're describing. You may want to explore those settings.

Finally... in the old linear days, it was NOT uncommon to work on an edit master for hours, days even, then due to exactly this kind of "pausing" find that a "hole" had been punched in your control track, rending that master useless. Fun times. We use our SRW's only for "printing to tape" and that's primarily one long edit, so I haven't experienced the issue you're describing.

Maybe someone else will have a better suggestion for you. Good Luck.


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