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Is it possible to unite these paths?

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Lina Lake
Is it possible to unite these paths?
on Jan 27, 2015 at 12:31:01 pm

Can i lose the invisible shapes (they serve as gradient corners), merge them close to the visible shape?

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Steve Crook Jr
Re: Is it possible to unite these paths?
on Jan 28, 2015 at 5:43:24 pm

By reading my 'signature', you will know that I am no expert, but I experimented a bit and this is what I found.

It looks like you used gradient meshes for the corners, and that is the way to go, but as far as I can tell, you need to 'reduce' the objects BEFORE you make the gradient mesh. You will have to redo a bit of work to 'clean this up' and it might not be worth it if all you want to do is make it look better on the screen.

So, here is what I would do:

1) Hide (delete later after these steps if all goes well) the three outline planes (I assume they are compound paths).

2) Copy & scale the master plane (the only one left - it has the blue fill, right?).

3) Remove the inner path - a) direct select and delete the points; -or- b) {if it is a compound path like I think} {windows} CTRL+ATL+SHIFT+8 to convert back to individual paths and delete the inner one; -or- c) use the Delete Anchor Point Tool (-) and click each point on the inner path.

4) Adjust the path on the two inward pointing angles on the wing tips - do the following for each wing:
** I will identify each anchor of your plane from tip to crease at the rear from 1 - 6 (either clockwise or counter-clockwise); the two points I have you add DO NOT get added into the count.
a) Use the Add Anchor Point Tool (+) to add an anchor to the line from Anchor 2 to Anchor 3 at about the 1/3 spot (closer to 2)
b) Do the same on the line from Anchor 3 to 4 (closer to 4)
c) Use the Delete Anchor Point Tool (-) on Anchor 3 to remove most of the point jutting into the interior of the plane.
d) Do the same to the other wing.
** These steps are needed for the "Crop"s in Steps 7 & 8.

5) Make two copies of the modified path and place all three copies correctly over the master plane.

6) Ensure your Pathfinder toolbox is open (Window > Pathfinder).

7) Select TWO (not all three) of your modified paths and click "Crop" in the pathfinder. Ungroup the results and delete the undesired piece(s) remaining.

8) Select the remaining piece from the previous step and the remaining modified path and "Crop" them, again ungrouping the results and deleting any undesired artwork.

9) What is remaining should be the simplified piece of artwork you are looking for. Convert to a Gradient Mesh and recolor the points as necessary.

Again, this much work might not be worth the effort. I hope my instructions help you learn as much as I have from putting them together.

Does anyone have a better way? I would love to hear it.

Steve Crook, Jr.

I am a simple creative professional that can get my Adobe suite and a few other creative tools to do what I want. Barely. :)

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Lina Lake
Re: Is it possible to unite these paths?
on Jan 30, 2015 at 8:16:58 am

Thank You so much :)

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