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Color calibrating out of date systems.

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Daniel Tate
Color calibrating out of date systems.
on Mar 19, 2014 at 5:29:21 am

I apologize if this was already discussed but I searched through the forums and couldn't find anything to do specifically with my problem so I figured I would ask some advice. First some background info if you are interested:
I have been working part time (working through college) as an ad designer at a small once weekly newspaper. The newspaper has provided the ad department with several old power mac G4s running OS X 10.3 and one 21 inch 2013 iMac running OS X 10.8. Naturally my boss uses the iMac, so I started bringing in my own windows 7 machine (dell precision mobile workstation). No one else in the newspaper is concerned about color accuracy other than when the ad reps come whining to me about not liking the color. So I was looking to invest in the Spyder4elite to calibrate all the monitors (specifically match my laptop and external screen to the G4's screen). I decided to buy it myself since I do graphic/video work on the side (spyder 4 claims the ability to simulate ntsc spaces and to calibrate HDTVs)and I would like to keep it if I ever move on from this job.

The problem: The Spyder4elite website says that it no longer supports OS X 10.3. So my question is does the spyder4elite work on OS x 10.3 or could I use older spyder software (say spyder3's software) with the newer hardware to calibrate the OS x 10.3 machines? Is there another device that could calibrate 10.3 machines and 10.8/ windows 7 machines? Is this an impossible task and should I just plan on calibrating the newer machines and designing completely on them, only using the G4s as file servers? Or should I take on the attitude of my boss "were not to off now it should be close enough"?

Any sort of advice would be helpful. This is my first real staff job so I am not really familiar with "office etiquette". I understand that they don't want to spend more money on something that seems so unimportant but not knowing if my colors with turn out right is driving me crazy (probably doesn't help that I have two computers with vastly different colors sitting right next to each other). Since my high ups have kinda brushed this of as unimportant I wanted to solve the issue without involving them too much a.k.a, trying to update to 10.4 and breaking the whole precarious system.

- Sincerely, a younger designer eager to learn from the wise.

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