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vectors graphics - out of premiere into illustrator

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Mark Lee
vectors graphics - out of premiere into illustrator
on Jan 6, 2008 at 2:10:42 pm

Hi all - i posted this originally in the premiere forum without much luck - maybe you guys can help!?:

I'm trying to export video footage out of Premiere which i'd then like to turn into moving vector art.

The way i'm doing this at the moment is exporting from Premiere one frame at a time into a picture (BGA- i think?) file. Then i open up each picture in Illustartor and vectorise each frame. Then i bring each frame back into Premiere in sequential order (saved from Illustrator as a jpeg or similar file) after i've repainted the frame.

As you can imagine this is very time intensive and i was wondering if there's anyway to automate this or any parts of the process (i'm talking about the exporting process)? Or perhaps you have ideas on how to achieve the look i'm after in a different way.

and yes i am aware that there's plug-ins for AE that can vectorise clips but they don't give you much control (in my experience anyway)

looking forward to hearing your creative solutions.


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Richard Harrington
Re: vectors graphics - out of premiere into illustrator
on Jan 7, 2008 at 1:35:32 am

Did a tutorial in Layers magazine a few months back

Take video into AE... or Premiere... spit out image sequence.

Then use Bridge where you can batch process the files using LiveTrace (you can even create a preset ahead of time if you want to tweak settings).

Then turn into a series of AI files

Import those into AE as an image sequence... render video.

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Mark Lee
Re: vectors graphics - out of premiere into illustrator
on Jan 7, 2008 at 7:54:02 pm

Thanks very much Richard. That'll speed things up a lot. I've just followed your instructions with very pleasing results. Just a few things things:

1) is there a copy of your tutorial online anywhere (i've looked on the Layers website but couldn't see it) - i'd really like to read the whole thing

2)Can i batch process more than 10 files frames/files at a time? When i select a whole sequence a note pops up telling me that it'll only do 10 at a time - can that be increased or is it a to do with memory/RAM

3) Are there any examples of your work using the process online?

Thanks again.

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adolf witzeling
Re: vectors graphics - out of premiere into illustrator
on Jan 9, 2008 at 2:20:27 pm

Hi Mark,
don't look no further it's all in the pasture here on the cow.
There is a way to change the default frame numbers from 10 to 999,999
using the Adobe script editor, so can trace 1 hour long sequences.
I learned this from a tutorial that Aharon Rabinowitz did a while back.
Check his podcast tutorials. He explains precisely how to "hack" the default value of 10 into 999,999.
I've used it often since then and it works like a charm for me.
Look for his cartooning tutorials.
Hope that helps.

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