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Where is the fillet?

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Where is the fillet?
on Nov 26, 2007 at 4:32:32 pm

I know that the term fillet fits more a cad software but...bear with me.
I'm a photoshop/3ds max user, recently I had to do some personal illustration work and illustrator was the first thought for vector graphic, plus I can get it at student price.
So I downloaded and installed the trial and start using it. As first time user I found illustrator workflow a bit awkward, I admit it's all in my lack of skills with the software and there is a lot to learn, but simple things I'm used to do in 3ds max with splines seems impossible with illustrator. Of course I'm talking in 2d space in this case.

If any of you worked with splines in Max you know how easy is to fillet a vertex, trim, weld and so on, I hoped that illustrator would work somewhat the same way with a path but I guess I'm either wrong or missing the feauture. I know for sure it's an awesome program but maybe for my actual need is too much!?

Anyway, right now my needs are to simply drow shapes and have control on corners with a fillet command of some sort, instead of "guessing" the raddii with the handles.

I can do part of the work in Max and export as .ai but I rather work entirely in one vector pogram.

I found a free program too, called inkscape, but again I can't round a corner or trim a shape the way I'd like.

If anybody can point me to the right direction, a software alternative, a tutorial, anything is appreciated.


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Vincent Rosati
Re: Where is the fillet?
on Dec 9, 2007 at 7:27:15 pm

I'm not sure if this answers your question but...
Yes, you can do all of the "spline" operations in Illustrator.
For rounding corners - select the object, then Effect/Stylize/Round Corners. To access the settings for further adjustment, click Window/Appearance and the Appearance tab will open.
Illustrator 'Effects' are live/procedural generators. So, when you are ready to go back to Max - select the object than click Object/Expand. Press Ctrl+Y to see the actual paths/splines. Or View/Outlines.
If you need a fillet that is not rounded, you would simply have to add points with the Pen Tool, than position the points accordingly.
As far as welding points, that would be 'Join' in Illustrator.
You would use the Direct Selection Tool to select the two points in question than Ctrl+J or Object/Path/Join. This creates a path between two points, or it converts the two points into one point if the points are at the same coordinates.
Ctrl+Alt+J will centralize all selected points when selected with the Direct Selection tool.

To define a size with a shape tool (such as a circle), select the shape from the tool palette than click on the artboard, a popup will appear asking for a dimension.

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Antonis Makrigiannis
Re: Where is the fillet?
on Feb 25, 2008 at 11:06:11 pm

Hi there,

I ran into this page from a Google search being a 3ds max user myself.

You can check for some plugins that do the job we are after
and specifically

that seems to work JUST LIKE 3dsmax (just drag on a handle)


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Re: Where is the fillet?
on Sep 23, 2008 at 4:33:15 pm

Still, this is a complete oversight. Something so simple and useful should have been a part of Illustrator a LONG time ago! Stylize doesn't work. I've tried. Nothing for a chamfer/fillet without spending $135+ dollars? C'mon, Adobe!

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Juttah Titor
Re: Where is the fillet?
on Dec 4, 2012 at 7:03:29 pm

Ok, so it's been four years since the last post. I just got CS6 and can't find anything about fillets. Why would there still not be basic 'spline' control in Illustrator?

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Pectoris Fleo
CValley Xtram Path
on Dec 26, 2008 at 9:10:11 pm

Wait a minute; I've got to be tripping here: Illustrator - the self-proclaimed industry standard for vector graphics, a FOURTEEN VERSION-OLD PIECE OF SOFTWARE 23 YEARS IN THE MAKING (one of the oldest in the world) requires a purchase of a 3rd-party plug-in to perform something as basic as filleting of individual corners??? WOW!
In any case, thanks for the info, Antonis.

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Piotr Banowski
Re: Where is the fillet?
on Nov 14, 2015 at 2:07:15 am

I've recently had to use Illustrator just to add type and a few symbols to raster image. Jesus... what age was this program excavated from? I've literally wrote 8 "illustrator how to..." google queries and still failed to make a simple rounded-edge road number shield (but with top corners not rounded and in perfect symmetry). One of those queries led me here. Eventually it took me 30s to do it in AutoCAD and import it. On another not - snapping is atrocious, while data organization wants to be taken out back and shot so it misery might finally end.

Take linework from AutoCAD, cull hundreds of uberspecific tools down to their functions, leave vector effects of Illustrator and organize all user-accessible data into one full hierarchy like in 3d modeling apps. This would be an epic program.

Honestly it does look like they preserve legacy tools/modifiers just not to piss off old-school illustrator designers who have already crawled dozens of hours through crap to learn full potential of this program.

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Kalle Kannisto
Re: Where is the fillet?
on Nov 15, 2015 at 6:50:34 pm

Adobe Illustrator doesn't work in the same exact way as AutoCAD.

In current versions (CC) of Illustrator making rounded corners is very straightforward:

Draw a shape, select the desired corner(s) with direct selection tool (hollow arrow), and drag the little circles that appear inside the corners (or type in the exact value at the options bar). Done.

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