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pixel look in illustrator

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pixel look in illustrator
on Jun 27, 2006 at 5:36:14 pm

Hi-- trying to do something a little unconventional. I want to create 'pixel' block-like looking artwork from my illustrator vector art.... but I want that pixel-looking art to end up as vectors!

Any ideas? tried the svg pixelplay2 filter in illustrator but it screwed up all my colors.

the pixelate filters don't really work cuz they create round dots-- i'm looking for blocks/squares of color (like an old atari or something).

The workflow I've been using so far is: draw art as vectors in illustrator. import to photoshop as bitmaps. lower the resolution and manually reduce color palette. export gif. import gif to illustrator and trace the gif.

This is a pain and still doesn't really give me the clean pixelated block look i'm seeking.

Any ideas? filters i haven't thought of?

ps-- i need to end up with vector art cuz i'm ultimately going to flash and don't want to work with bitmaps.

pps-- also, i'm keen on drawing the original images in illustrator cuz it gives me nice precise curves. i suppose i could just draw with big pixels (square brush) in photoshop-- but would prefer not because i have less control over the drawing (hard to push pixels around)

many thanks for any ideas!

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Re: pixel look in illustrator
on Jun 29, 2006 at 4:54:59 pm

Hmmm, don't know if I have a full answer to your question, but at least for making pixel art and getting it high res (which might make it easier to trace in Flash or AI) I will create it on a single pixel level in photoshop and then blow it up really big using "Image Size" and for "resample Image" pick "Nearest Neighbor" this retains the original pixels and doesn't smooth it at all and might create something that Flash or Illustrator can then easily trace. Hope this helps.

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