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Chad Treanor
on Apr 7, 2006 at 3:51:08 am

how do graphic artists make the radial strokes i've seen in after effects, Ill. and photoshop projects ive been seeing??

Theres a motion graphics reel from a company i believe to be known as "buck" and they have a few of these radial stroke layers spinning in the background of their graphics. If you've seen their reel its the snowy clip of the girl that cuts into a 3D box. Im talking about the ones that if you masked it half way would look like the rays of a sun spinning around from the center.

I've tried making this graphic layer in after effects, illustrator and photoshop with lacking results. Ive tried making a grid and then applying polar coordinates in after effects, Ive tried enveloping an a group of lines with a circle in Illustrator, and Ive tried all kinds of radial effects in photoshop on a solid circle....

Is there a radial effect i can apply on a circle object or do i just have to draw all the lines in a radial shape and then rotate it in AE ???

any help would be appreciated!


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Michael Ebert
Re: HOW HOW HOW?!?!?
on Apr 8, 2006 at 3:30:13 pm

Alright, just a first stab here...

I think Illustrator + circle geometry + step-and-repeat can be your friend here.

Basically, you divide the 360 degrees of a circle into positive and negative shapes, like slices of pie. Say you want 36 pieces, each measuring 10 degrees, alternating positive and negative. First, you draw a long vertical line. Now rotate a copy of it 10 degrees - align the two centric endpoints and join them. Now connect the opposite (radial) endpoints to create a long, thin triangle. Now, you can either use step-and-repeat or just rotate additional copies of this at 20 degree intervals, yielding 18 positive triangles (and thus 18 negative triangular spaces).

I think this is what you're looking for - you can then import this into AE and rotate/mask with it to your heart's content.

Hope this helps!


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