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Problems using Photoshop Actions

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Bart Remmers
Problems using Photoshop Actions
on Nov 14, 2018 at 10:33:39 am
Last Edited By Bart Remmers on Nov 14, 2018 at 11:04:18 am

Hi Creative Cows,

Part of my job is photographing products every once in a while. It's not the main focus, but sometimes it has to happen. These pictures of a product has to be saved in different formats, 'cause at everyone has another use for it. We've had this problem for months and can't seem to get it running at my machine as we'd like to. Work is stacking up at the moment.

A colleague of mine, working on a Apple computer has made a pre-recorded Photoshop action. He has exported this action and sent it over to me so I can import it one on one. Though it doesn't seem to work flawlessly as it does on his machine. But it's really necessary that it runs on my Windows 10 machine aswel. I'm using Adobe Photoshop: 19.1.2 20180302.r.277 2018/03/02: 1160083 x64.

My Photoshop is set to Dutch, don't ask me why, I hate it. But some of the translation bellow might differ from the real term.

What are the files like?
Their photo's of products on a white table. Most of the times the white has been deleted so the background is Transparent. When this is the case the file excists of one (or more) layers and from the selection (of what is left) I've made a temporary path. The files are saved Photoshop *.PSD files.

What am I trying to do?
After making the file transparent and / or cropping the productphoto the way I want it to be I'd like to:

(1) - Change modus to CMYK
- Save as JPG (12 quality) - add '_JPG' to the name at the end of the filename (before the extension). (I know it fills in the transparancy with white)
- Save as EPS (PS2.0, 8bit) - add '_EPS' to the name at the end of the filename (before the extension).

(2) - Change modus to RGB

(3) - Resize file width to 1500px
- Save as JPG (9 quality) - add '_WEB' to the name at the end of the filename (before the extension). (I know it fills in the transparancy with white)
- Save as PNG - add '_WEB' to the name at the end of the filename (before the extension). (I know this one should stay transparant)
- Close file, don't save.

To sum it up all I want as a result is a PSD, EPS, transparant PNG and JPG in high and lower quality to another folder.

What's the problem?:
Yeah, I just want this all to happen without me supervising it. It starts of changing the mode to CMYK, which is good. Then at the first save (as jpg)
it prompts me a dialog box where to save it and under what name. I was hoping it would remember that I had set 'E:\Photoshop Script' as save-folder
and it would be smart enough to add '_JPG' on it's own. And this occurs at every save-action. Avoiding telling Photoshop how to save my file was
the main reason that we run this script. And when it keeps asking this, it makes the scripts pointless to me.
It's not the problem that I want to bulk this on multiple files, I don't care that I have to start the script over for every file that I want to process.

Can anyone help me figure out how to configure this script?

Bonus question:
How does the script know under what name it should save (when it does do this automatically?) 'Cause I don't want to overwrite the ones I've done earlier. It's important that I have (per example for 01.psd and 02.psd etc.) the following files as result:

Edit: Oh yeah, this is an export of my script.

That's all. Thank you for the help in advance! Have a nice day!


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Kalleheikki Kannisto
Re: Problems using Photoshop Actions
on Nov 17, 2018 at 4:32:12 pm

I don't want to get too deeply into this, but for three different file formats you should use three separate droplets. Droplet creation is relatively simple, but getting the output file settings correct is almost always a matter of trial and error. At least for me, because of the ambiguous wording of "override action save commands". I haven't done this in a while myself, so I don't remember exactly what the settings were, but I think there were similar settings to batch processing where you can skip the open dialogue options. But once you got it correct for one, the rest are easy. You do need to drop the files three times, but,set up correctly, they will run unattended for any number of files.

Kalleheikki Kannisto
Senior Graphic Designer

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mark rob
Re: Problems using Photoshop Actions
on Dec 7, 2018 at 5:12:34 pm

The description given here by you shows that how the things are being implemented and the edit option can be done in a different way. You have to make the changes on the jpg to the EPS.
For more info

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Bart Remmers
Re: Problems using Photoshop Actions
on Mar 19, 2019 at 9:33:59 am

So, I decided to pick this up yesterday and I came with an acceptable solution.
I reïnstalled my Photoshop CC 2019 CLEAN. That means I finally had the chance to start off with an English version. The Photoshop at work was configured to be in the Dutch language, but that's just horrible. Just believe me on that.

The reason why I post this reply, half an year after the problem is that some other might have the same problem or I, myself in the future might reference to this post. I do that more often. Look up other problems that I encountered and asked for a solution for on this forum. I hope I might help someone out with this.

I started over. Here is the script that I made (based on the steps I want it to do, as seen in the first message of this post).

So let's open up EVERY image that we want to convert with this script. Usually I open 5 to 10 (PSD) files.

Now I had the problem that the actions do not seem to be very variable in where to save it and how to name it, so as you can guess I ended up in the following menu (File > Automate > Batch):

This does exactly what I want (note: the save location has changed (from C:\ to E:\) due to the hard disk space being insufficient. So the script still contains C:\ and the automate thing saves it to E:\, you can change this at any time over here, without changing anything in your action script.

It adds "_WEB" to everyfile name. So in this example our original file is called "PICTURE.PSD". The output comes like the following four files.


The output is good! Exactly what I want. Only the file names are a bit messed up. So I manually change them to the following:


(I delete '_WEB' once on the first file, twice on the second. Twice again on the third so one is left behind and three '_WEB's on the last one.

I'm happy with this outcome. If anyone knows how to fix the last problem, that would be very welcome. For now I'm just really happy that I'm able to convert my files in one press of a button.

Thanks guys, for helping me out on this :)

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