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Am i complicating textures and blendingmodes?

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Alva Nylander
Am i complicating textures and blendingmodes?
on Nov 9, 2017 at 11:39:33 am


I feel like i might be complicating my use of textures, filters and blendingmodes and i have some questions.

I'm wondering about the best way to create my own textures. What should a texture look like if i don't want it to affect the colours in an image? Should i not only make them black and white but also adjust them to be as close to 50% gray as i can? so that they'll work with the overlay blendingmode.

When is the overlay blending mode prefered when working with textures?

What blendingmodes work best with textures. I often find i need to test everything with every new texture and every new image. I often end up using several layers of the texture but with different blendingoptions and different blendingmodes. I also often apply filters to the image (smart object).

When im using textures i'm usually looking for a less flat and graphic image even when i've been working with nothing but a photograph. I'm not looking for overly grunge effects, it's often more about having for example, a poster, look more cohesive, which i almost always want when i've been using both vector shapes and pixel images. I don't know if I'm explaining it so clearly but if you have any tips please share them or maybe send some links to tutorials you've found helpful that you think i might find useful.

I'm often looking for a nice grain effect to make it look less digital! That i want to be applied to the entire image and not just the dark areas or the bright areas.

This makes makes all of my documents very large and photoshops starts working very slowly, i have 16gb RAM memory installed.

Maybe it's not supposed to be a smaller document file but knowing more about what blendingmodes work best for different textures will make the process less time consuming.

this is something i made that i think looks ok (it's quite A LOT of texture and i don't aways want it to be that extreme but it's a good image to use as an example) but i've used tons of different textures that i've applied to different areas each time.

this is how it looked like before:

This is an example of a zoomed in edit to and image taken with a digital camera that i've edited to make more soft but with an analog grain (i've almost very subtaly tried to make it more graphic less photographic) :


I don't know if im being that clear about what i want to achieve but links and tips are much appreciated, even if you are unsure if they will help.

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