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How to save guides with a preset

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Bill Russell
How to save guides with a preset
on Mar 25, 2008 at 9:44:20 pm

I've opened an "HDTV 1920x1080 with guides" preset, doubled its size (to 3840x2160). I don't save it. I choose "New", choose "Untitled" (untitled document), choose save preset. But if I close and open photoshop and open that new preset, the guides are no longer there!

Same if I open the "HDTV 1920x1080 with guides" preset, double it's dimensions and save as new preset. Again, that new preset no longer has guides (on a fresh start). (And YES show guides is on. And the guides are there in the factory preset, just not the modified one I am trying to save.) How do I save a preset KEEPING the safe area guides? Thank you somebody for your help!

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Tj Tyrrell
Re: How to save guides with a preset
on Oct 24, 2008 at 2:49:28 pm

Well, I hope you've personally found an answer. I too have just been looking for the solution. I couldn't find anything on the internet so I decided to browse the Adobe preset files and I found a solution. This works for Photoshop CS3, but I am not sure about the file structure of the other versions and how they might differ.

(These are PC directions, there should be a way to do this on a MAC I just haven't needed to yet, when I do I will post those directions as well)
First you need to navigate to your Photoshop folder
In the Photoshop folder:
Goto the "Required" folder
Find "Default New Doc Sizes.txt"
With an advanced text editor, open the original AFTER THE COPY HAS BEEN MADE. I know Notepad won't cut it, but WordPad will (in Windows). I used my HTML editor and it opened fine as well!

There you will find ALL of your presets. Please read the warning's in the file before editing. Scroll down until you start seeing the Video settings.

Copy the first line of text, the one starting with "NTSC DV" and ending with a bunch of numbers with "h's" and "v's".
Paste that WHOLE line right above itself (there should now be two identical lines of text right on top of each other).

Change the "NTSC DV" on the TOP one to the name of your desired Preset (in your example case: "HDTV 3840x2160 with guides"). Make sure the number after the text lines up with all of the others below it by using the "Tab Key" or deleting spaces between the two (do not use the "Space Bar" here). The next two numbers right after the name are your desired resolution settings. For your examples sake, replace 720 with 3840 and 480 with 2160. From that point on you should leave the rest alone. Unless you need a specific RGB version, don't worry about it. You will notice all of the numbers after the word "none". 5.0 h, 10.0 h, etc... The number is a percentage of the screen (5%) and the "h" after the number means "Horizontal". So "5.0 h" places a horizontal guide 5% from the left edge. "5.0 v" places a vertical guide 5% from the top edge. If you are needing the standard "safe area" guides, these do not need to be changed.

I hope this helps you good sir,


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