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from RGB to CMYK...?

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from RGB to CMYK...?
on May 9, 2007 at 1:41:31 pm

I want to send some pictures to the printer.
But they are in RGB format.
The printer needs them in CMYK.
When I change them from RGB to CMYK in CS2 they turn darker and more gray kind of...?
try it yourself and you will see what I mean. Real clear blue will become kind of purplish gray dirty color.

My question:
How can I get the clear color's from RGB file back when converted to CMYK?
How can I get my nice blue sky back?
chek link for the picture
thanks MCB

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Darby Edelen (wuzelwazel)
Re: from RGB to CMYK...?
on May 9, 2007 at 4:33:22 pm

I can't give you all the information you probably want as I don't generally work in print (aside from the occasional piece of packaging art), but I can tell you that CMYK behaves in a very different manner than RGB.

RGB is an additive color system (works by adding together light) and CMYK is subtractive (works by subtracting colors from white light). Not only that but Black on a printed page isn't attainable with 100% K (Black is the K in CMYK), but rather a mixture of CMY and K.

This is all just a means of telling you that CMYK just doesn't work the same way that RGB does. You could try bringing out more color in your photo after it's been converted to CMYK, but I really can't say whether that will give the desired results. Hopefully someone with more print experience can help!

Darby Edelen
DVD Menu Artist
Left Coast Digital
Aptos, CA

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Re: from RGB to CMYK...?
on May 11, 2007 at 2:27:17 pm

When converting RGB to CMYK, blue is the one color tone that will change the most, usually for the worse. It loses a lot of its richness.

You have to make changes to your colors after you do the conversion, but you will never be able to match that vibrant blue sky, sad to say. After you convert it, you'll have to make adjustments (hue/saturation, levels, etc) to try to get it back.

Tiffani B

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