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Photoshop 3D camera controls for 360 storyboarding / matte painting

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Keiichi Matsuda
Photoshop 3D camera controls for 360 storyboarding / matte painting
on Aug 18, 2015 at 6:52:40 pm

Hi all,

I've made a spherical panorama in photoshop 3D using an equirectangular image, so now I've got a nice 3D sphere with my 360 photograph mapped on it. Now I want to be able to put the camera inside it and look around.

I thought the easiest way to do this would be to move the camera around. Firstly, I set the position of both sphere and camera to 0,0,0 using the co-ordinates, so the camera is in the right place. From there, I just need to rotate the camera around right? Unfortunately, it seems that Photoshop's 3D camera can't pivot around itself; there is always a point in front of the camera which it orbits around. This is called the 'point of interest' in after effects, but I can't find anywhere to set this in photoshop. Because of this, as soon as I try to rotate the camera, the camera flies out of the sphere, no matter how big I make the sphere.

Failing to find a way to change the view by moving the camera, I thought instead I could change the orientation of the sphere itself. I can enter rotation values in the co-ordinates box of the spherical panorama and it kind of works, but its a very clunky (actually unusable) way of looking around.

Anybody got any ideas about a better way to do this?

The reason I need to do this, is that I'm trying to work out a way to paint on a 360 panorama, to then be viewed in VR. I can use photoshop's 3d painting tools to scribble on the image, and then save out the resulting equirectangular image to load up in the oculus rift. This technique could be used for matte painting and/or storyboarding for 360 content, which will be increasingly in demand I imagine. Anyway, the only thing that doesnt work right now is the camera controls, so would welcome any advice!

(using photoshop CC 2015)


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Keiichi Matsuda
Re: Photoshop 3D camera controls for 360 storyboarding / matte painting
on Aug 18, 2015 at 7:21:22 pm

Hmm, on further investigation, it seems that the latest version of PS has had its camera controls stripped down..

Cant find the 3D camera tools shown in the link above.

For now, I'm using the orbit tool on the spherical panorama object, to move it around the camera. It's not the smoothest way, as I have to keep adjusting the camera roll, but does the job.

Tips welcome if anyone has tried to do something similar!

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