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Confused about Resolution

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Harry Putnam
Confused about Resolution
on May 4, 2014 at 11:37:43 pm

Being a novice camera buff and photoshop user... I deal with resolution every day.
But, sad to say, I really understand only a tiny bit about what all the ramifications
are when speaking of the resolution of various imagery products.

Created images specification:
My camera (sony A65 24megapixel) creates images with 6000x4000 resolution.
My phone (galaxy 8megapixel)creates images with something like 3200 x 2400

Viewing device specification:
My laptop has 1440 x 920 resolution
My desktop monitor has 1900x1280

The virtual monitor of a guest virtual machine on my windows 7 desktop
is only 1024 x 768.
( I could keep going ... but I guess you get the picture )

What effect will the resolution specification each of those potential viewer devices
have on viewing those 6000x4000 photos?

Will a photo collection of those images look better when viewed
as individual images, like in 'adobe bridge' or similar, or as a
slide-show where the resolution has been slaughtered to match a specific
video format spec?

On my 1900x1280 monitor... the difference will be quite apparent...

On my daughters nook with 800x600... (I haven't tried this yet but...)
I doubt one would be able to really tell the difference.

Now finally cutting to the chase:
Can some of you here provide some explanation of what is happening when
a viewing device with much lower res than the images, is used to view them?

And even more importantly, can any of you provide urls to documentation that your personal
experience tell you, will explain things well.

I'd like to be able to know the answers to these kind of questions based on
some hard knowledge of what is actually going on.

For example: when viewed on my 1900x1200 monitor are those 6000x4000 images
reduced to 1900x1280?

On that same monitor, would a set of images at 1900x1280 look the same as a
set at 6000x4000? Or is there still some advantage in the higher resolution images?

In brief... with images of 6000x4000 there is a serious lot of detail crammed into
every square inch of the image.

Will the resolution spec of the viewing device overwhelm and defeat all that detail
if it is considerably lower than the image?

Running Vegas Pro 10c on Win 7 (64bit)

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Atiqur Sumon
Re: Confused about Resolution
on May 7, 2014 at 9:13:20 am

Try win 7 (86)x bit

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