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3D creation?

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James Roberts
3D creation?
on Nov 4, 2008 at 6:05:21 pm

Not that I don't read the manuals, but I haven't yet seen anything that makes clear the extent of 3D that Photoshop is now capable of. I can see from Adobe's own site they're putting more emphasis on just painting a 3D object, but where are they supposed to come from?

Do they need to be created in another program to be imported?
It would seem likely since I can't really see enough tools that could be used to create 3D objects with.

If it's something along the lines of Maya, then I guess I'll keep working with 2D planes, since those programs are priced well out of my reach.

I still haven't even figured out how to wrap a 2D image around one of the 3D shapes provided (I tried to put a "label" on the soda can shape, but so far have only succeded in merging the flat image onto the can, as if someone taped a postcard to the side of it.

I'm sure I'll find out soon enough what I can and can't do, but I just wanted to find a quicker answer than the online help has been providing me.

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Franklin McMahon
Re: 3D creation?
on Nov 5, 2008 at 8:58:57 pm

Best bet is to Google "free 3d objects" (such as .obj and .3ds) and grab some to play around with. Once you load in an object, many items in the 3D menu become available.

In addition, go to the "Window" pull down menu and toggle on "3D" and you'll get many panels full of options (the 3D window is off by default)

Also do need to load in a 3D object to start with.



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James Roberts
Re: 3D creation?
on Nov 6, 2008 at 6:12:07 pm

Thanks. That's pretty much what I thought. It's just another one of those simple questions that becomes difficult to cu t straight to in the manual (or in this case online help).

As I said above, I do refer to the manuals, but I usually have one of those simple direct questions up front that just isn't answered as directly as it could be. I prefer to look into the finer points
after I have that basic "can I do this or not?" type question answered. I have little enough time to work on things after the day job wrings out most of my energy, so I hate spending too much of it searching through chapters trying to find what could be described with one sentence.

I'll try looking for some objects online to toy around with to get an idea of how much it can do.

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Richard Harrington
Re: 3D creation?
on Nov 7, 2008 at 4:45:31 am

You can create basic 3d objects in Photoshop as well (you'll see some in 3D menu).

You can also Extrude.... but... its only "fair"

Richard M. Harrington, PMP

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James Roberts
Re: 3D creation?
on Nov 16, 2008 at 2:26:58 am

Well, trying to find free 3d models is frustratingly hard. I've been following one dead end after another on google. They either lead to incredibly expensive ho-hum designs, or incredibly broken files that don't work whatsoever. I guess this is a feature I won't be playing with unless a money volcano erupts nearby.

A couple hundred bills to play around with somebody else's sterile robot design is not a tempting offer
to me. I couldn't even get a lousy CG looking office chair to download.

A direct URL to something usable would have been helpful. As it is just searching "free 3d objects" only brings up annoying goose chases. I'd be better off spending my time on 2D that I know how to find.

Oh well, I was just curious to try, but I don't need the headache.

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Andrew Bell
Re: 3D creation?
on Nov 24, 2008 at 11:52:40 am

I agree all I want is a few more 3d models to work with other than that provided but I cannot find any free files on the internet and cannot find any answers on forums.
Did a cool animation with the Hat object and put video on it etc.... But when I exported the background was black rather than transparent .... if anyone has any ideas on any of these points this would be great.

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