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Workflow and color consistency to DVD

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Workflow and color consistency to DVD
on Aug 17, 2007 at 2:30:26 pm

ok, I'm posting this in a few of the forums because it spands a few of different programs.

So after reading the forums for a few days straight, I still have the age old question about calibrating a monitor to help maintaining color corrections in scanned images within Photoshop, and sending to DVD.

Basically, my hardware and workflow is this:

MAC Quicksilver G4, dual 1.5Ghz, 1.5 Gig Ram
Proview 19" monitor calibrated to 6500* white point
HP scanner
AE 6.5
iMovie 06
DVD SP 3.0

So yes, the monitor is a cheapy, and I use iMovie for the quick edit, but iMovie isn't part of this problem....

I use this system to do animated slideshows for wedding receptions, parties, or whatever. Usually viewed on in-home TVs, or projected on a wall or screen at wedding receptions.

I scan in photos, correct the color to look perfect on screen, arrange a large PNG and import into AE. I animate the PNG to 'move' from slide to slide and export an uncompressed QT movie. Then do the final edit (adding a few video clips) and adding music in iMovie. Again export an uncompressed QT movie.

Encode the audio to AC3 in A.pack and put into DVDSP. Setting for video in DVDSP is 6.5 CBR.

When I play the DVD on a home system, the color in the scanned images is way oversaturated, and the blacks, or really dark areas are totally blown out, revealing the scanners compression graininess.
I mean like if someone is wearing a red shirt in one of the pictures, it glows like a neon light on the TV screen.

What can I do, barring buying a monitor? Or maybe what is a good computer monitor I can switch to that will be a better preview or what I will see on TV?

Thanks for helping a newbie

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Vincent Rosati
Re: Workflow and color consistency to DVD
on Aug 19, 2007 at 1:12:55 pm

Not sure if this will help at all with your issue, but to "legalize" your RGB images for CRT display - add an Adjustment Layer/Levels to the top layer of your comps and set...
Input Black: 16 (default 0)
Input White: 235 (default 255)
Output Black: 16 (default 0)
Output White: 235 (default 255)
on the RGB Channel.

Note: These figure slightly exceed the broadcast legal spec's to add an extra touch of safety. It might appear drastic on your monitor, but will go unnoticed on a television CRT.

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