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Price of revolution?

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Craig Alan
Price of revolution?
on May 19, 2008 at 4:50:06 am

Could someone give me a breakdown of a production package using Scarlet? The lowest end possible that is still workably productive.

A) FCP edit system.
1. Which Mac Pro? Would the one 4 core cut it?
2. How much ram in what size?
3. Can I mix 2-gig ram from crucial with the 1 gig that comes stock?
4. Do I need ram for each core?
5. Capture card (Kona 3 I gather), a must have?
6. How to monitor? Can I get by with a JVC TM-H150CG? Any other low-end solutions? I plan basic color correction in Color, nothing too fancy.
B) Scarlet
1. What must have accessories?
2. Anyway of increasing the 8x zoom or do you just blow it up in post at this resolution?
c) Lighting
1. Do all the old rules still apply?
2. Any special lighting needs?
D) Audio
1. What will the audio inputs on scarlet be? XLR
2. Again anything different about the way audio is captured?

OSX 10.4.11; Quicksilver Dual 1 gig; G5 dual 2.5 gig; FCP 4.5, 3.0.4; Sony camcorder vx2000/pd170;Canon xl2; Pana consumer cams; write professionally for a variety of media;teach video production in L.A.

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Russell Lasson
Re: Price of revolution?
on May 19, 2008 at 5:43:46 pm

First off I would say that it's a little too early to be putting numbers to scarlet and it's workflow. The camera currently doesn't exist. Hopefully they'll have something shipping in about ten months from now. Ten months is a long time when you're talking about RED. The RED ONE has only been shipping for 8 months and there are already some major changes happening.

But just for kicks, I'll give you some feedback.

FCP System
Get an 8-core Mac Pro with at least 1GB of RAM/processor. Hopefully by the time the Scarlet ships we'll be talking about 12-core or maybe even 16-core Mac Pros.

Kona 3 is a must have if you want to watch your video on a broadcast monitor.

There is no way I would recommend a SD monitor for use with any RED camera. You might consider the JVC DT-V24L1U or DT-V20L1U.

Now as far as the Scarlet is concerned, there just isn't enough information to talk about what you will need. The camera doesn't exist so I can't tell you what audio connectors it has or what special lighting need you'll want to consider.

Have fun dreaming until next year:)


Russell Lasson
Kaleidoscope Pictures
Provo, UT

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Dylan Reeve
Re: Price of revolution?
on May 22, 2008 at 9:55:56 pm

The whole thing is still in flux somewhat at the moment, I wouldn't personally buy anything specifically for RED just yet, especially if you already have a system that works for other things (although a G5-based system isn't likely to gain support in the near future, but with things like Cineform's RAW conversion tools, it might find support a bit later perhaps).

Once the RED QT Component is made available for Windows then the Proxy-editing workflow will be available in some way or another to any application that can import Quicktime files (already we edit RED in Avid on our MacPro).

Within the next month or two I would expect to see some quite big shifts in the way RED is supported. At that point things might have stabilised enough to get a real feel for how best to proceed.

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