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transcoding info on Dragon 6k Raw footage

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Daniel Schultz
transcoding info on Dragon 6k Raw footage
on Dec 19, 2015 at 3:57:41 am

I have an editing job coming up shortly—my first time editing footage from Red Epic.
Apparently it's 6.1 TB of footage. Can anyone give me a quick strategy for working with this footage.

Ideally, I'd like to get it to proRes.
I'm likely editing in AVID (but others may want access who don't use AVID, which is why I'm thinking ProRes).

So my questions are:

1) What should I use to transcode? I have Adobe Media Encoder, and Resolve Lite. I also have Avid and premiere. I'm working on a macBook Pro Retina with 16gb RAM.

2) Apparently the footage was shot flat, and will need a LUT applied. If that's the case, should I put it through Resolve and output to ProRes (I'm not very good at Resolve, but could probably figure out how to apply a simple LUT and output).

3) The ProRes version would likely give me a good bit of latitude for grading at the end, but if I wanted to keep the option of cutting in ProRes and linking back to the original RAW for final output and grading, what's the best workflow for that?

4) How long would it take to transcode that much footage. And would I be able to basically set it and forget it? Set up whatever settings I want, then just let the thing crank away for however long it will take (days???)?

Thanks very much,

Dan S.

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David Battistella
Re: transcoding info on Dragon 6k Raw footage
on Dec 19, 2015 at 8:30:17 am

There are a few important things to determine.

1. Are you finishing with the transcodes of offline? 4K or 2K?

If finishing your renders will take a very long time as you want at least a 1/2 resolution premium in the dropdown menu 4K generally takes 4x longer than 2K as the frame is 4x larger than 2K also important when considering HD space, etc.

If it is strictly offline, then I would do 1920x10180 files with a 1/4 res debayer. Since you are thawing out 3/4 of the data anyway.

For the job you are describing the resolve route might be the best route as you can do burnin on the footage, etc if it an offline.

If you are planning to finish with the renders then consider renting a REDrocket card to help you with the high resolution encodes.

One other workflow might be this.

Do a one light correction on all of the footage in REDCONE X then Open everything in FCP X (sounds like you are on a PC though) and create all of the AVID DNX media using compressor.

I don't really do any Adobe workflows but there might be an easy way with Media encoder, etc.



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Daniel Schultz
Re: transcoding info on Dragon 6k Raw footage
on Dec 21, 2015 at 2:03:49 am

Thanks for your comments, David.

This will actually be for web in the end. I plan to finish in 1080p and then covert over to web-friendly codec.

As I mentioned, I'm working on a macBook Pro Retina.

My main question is, in Resolve (lite, in my case), how long would it take to convert 6.1TB of footage to proRes? If I could apply a simple LUT (one node, I believe) in resolve, and just work in ProRes, that will make my life easier, and should be more than enough info to color grade for my purposes.

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