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Epic/Scarlet Update

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Russell Lasson
Epic/Scarlet Update
on Dec 1, 2010 at 9:48:38 pm

I just thought I would give a little update on Epic from what I've gathered from REDUser.

First off is the latest names and definitions:

EPIC - Tattoo
This refers to the beta version of the cameras. These are very limited and not for sale. I'm still unclear on if there are actual Tattoo versions that people will keep or not. Things changed quite a bit.

EPIC +13
These are the beta cameras owned by RED that were build 13mm longer than the original stated specs to make more space for new electronics needed.

These are the machined versions of the EPIC that will be sold as the production lines are build to mass produce the rest of them. They will be limited in number as they take a while to build. They'll also not be full feature, but will be far enough along to make a film. All features will be upgraded in the future. These will be sold according to "history with RED." Price is $58K.

This package will be sold to owners of REDONE who choose to upgrade at a discount. These will be the production model.

The S35 Scarlet is now being called EPIC-S. It was going to be EPIC Light, but since everyone said that was a lame name, they changed it to EPIC-S. The reason for the change is that RED didn't feel like they wanted to disable features to sell something for less. The difference between EPIC-S and the other EPICs are that the the EPIC-S will be more limited in frame rates and data rates. This reduces the electronics needed and thus reduces the price. More coming soon on how this will change price and features.

Once EPIC upgrades are complete to REDONE owners, the normal "EPIC" will ship, but by then, I'm sure there will be something else to call it.

Currently SCARLET will be 2/3" sensors that shoot up to 3K. Two versions, fixed lens and interchangeable lens.

As you notice, SCARLET S35 has been changed to the EPIC line and the price will increase. Some people are mad, but I don't think they should be as it seems to make sense as having S35 SCARLETs and EPICs seem to be overcomplicating what the difference is. So SCARLET is small sensor. EPIC is big sensor.

As far as availability goes, EPIC-M should start being produced in the month or so. EPIC-X should start being produced and shipping around Feb/Mar, and going into major production by April/May. SCARLET is "right on the heels of EPIC."

Other notable full sensor "competitors" coming out are the Panasonic AF100 in late December and the Sony NXCAM line in February. I mention this because I've witnessed RED losing market share to Canons in my market. Small shows that would have been shot RED began to shoot on Canons instead. It will be interesting to see six months from now how the market will change with so many cameras coming out. In my market, it's also interesting to note that I don't think that the Alexa will compete here. There might be a few purchased here, but with the high price tag in comparison to other options, I doubt I will ever see an Alexa show come through our facility.

The next 4-6 months are going to be very, very interesting! This might be the best NAB ever for camera lovers!


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Rafael Amador
Re: Epic/Scarlet Update
on Jan 3, 2011 at 12:27:31 pm

Hi Russ,
Thanks for resuming all that info.
Any idea about prices for the Scarlet?

[Russell Lasson] "I mention this because I've witnessed RED losing market share to Canons in my market. Small shows that would have been shot RED began to shoot on Canons instead."
For my self, the DSLRs phenomenon has been very positive because has pushed the implementation of big sensors on video cameras, but as a video maker, once those new cameras in the market, I would never think of shooting with a DSLR.
However, I think they will remain as affordable B-camera.

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