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Seb Ratcliffe
Red Cut to 2K.dpx
on Sep 4, 2008 at 12:36:09 am

Hello All,

First post, so please, go easy.

Good Red experience so far, please help it continue to go smooth!

So have edited the first cut of a short film, all shot 4k.
Used the red _M proxies, as the _P proxies seemed to have varied frame sizes.
Sync'd rushes (yawn) and did cut mostly on 2.4 ghz macbookpro, and 2 usb2 drives(!), fcp 6.0.3.
Mostly it worked fine. Only probs were playback of fx, simple flops. pushes, titles, spaces.
Basically anything not redcode. Then just rt stop sign, occasional redcode error crash.

(One scare was a couple of corrupt clips, kept turning viewer and canvas green.
Then all clips before and after opened green. Suspect it was from turning camera off n on too quickly.
Non usable footage anyway. Once identified this and deleted from project all cool.)

Loaded rushes on 2.66 quad, 3tb internal raid 0. Relink project, all groovy.
Export for was a bit more of a problem.
Removed all fx spaces etc. Exported redcode qt would crash compressor, squeeze, s'clip.
Eventually exported chapters using fcps qt conversion, prores , then rebuilt other elements in new timeline. Re export h.264 to size. That bits all done, great.

There'll be a couple more drafts, there must be a better export method?

Delivery is to be 2K.dpx files, to send to grade.
How do I get the _M cut to this format?

Do I relink the cut to the 2k proxies? How? Then Fcp export?
Or how do I use the red software to get .dpx?
Which is faster, easier, best results?

Thanks for reading, thanks for replies.


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Russell Lasson
Re: Red Cut to 2K.dpx
on Sep 4, 2008 at 2:10:12 pm

You should look at using Crimson to get your show into RedCine. From there you can batch render out to DPX files. Be warned though, this will take a long time to render. Also make sure you have plenty of disk space.


Russell Lasson
Ridgeline Digital Cinema Mastering
Universal Post
Salt Lake City, UT

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John Tissavary
Re: Red Cut to 2K.dpx
on Sep 5, 2008 at 9:34:06 pm

Russel's suggestion about Crimson is a good one. Though I don't use it, being Scratch based, I do know several folks that have had good success with it.

A couple of reasons you may want to consider a Scratch based workflow:

1) Simpler process. Just export a CMX 3600 compatible EDL from FCP, import to Scratch, and conform. That's it.

2) Better color tools than RedCine/RedAlert. Scratch is the only full featured grading/di tool that works natively with Redcode (r3d), debayering only as the last step. Since debayering is adaptive based on final image content, there are advantages to setting up color and dynamic range changes prior to debayering. It's possible to do this to some extent with RedCine, but there is a far more extensive color toolset in Scratch.

Scratch is not really marketed towards the DIY desktop market, it's pricing is more in line with DI faclities and post house budgets, but there are quite a few Scratch folks out there that have experience w. Red footage and surprisingly affordable deals can be had.

John Tissavary | colorist | producer

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David Battistella
Re: Red Cut to 2K.dpx
on Sep 5, 2008 at 9:43:36 pm

You might want to test and consider MONKEY EXTRACT. This is a relatively new tool. I tried an extract with it and it was quite seamless.

You might have to do a bit of work at relinking it in FCP though.

I really have to say that you might want to get the POst facility to do the file extract. There are a total of about 24 color space combinations to choose from when you are doing a DPX out. How your finished grade will look, and the bit depth and quality, can differ vastly from house to house.

Pick a place that has done some R&D on RED. just because you hand over a DPX file, it does not mean that it's going to be great. I have done a lot of R&D in this area and the reuslts are VASTLY different.

Know what you are doing before spitting out DPX files or hire people who do know what they are doing. You might also want to consider a 4K extract.

just my two cents.


Peace and Love :)
Read my Blog

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Seb Ratcliffe
Re: Red Cut to 2K.dpx
on Sep 6, 2008 at 2:10:02 pm

Thanks for the replies.

Despite having film council funding this is still a lo/no budget film, all working for free.

Naively I'd thought, when the cuts done, I'll just relink to higher res proxies and just export directly from the fcp timeline. Doh! Why can't it be that simple? Will they make it so?
If I can I'd like to be able to do this myself, for this and future projects, so will take closer look at software solutions.

I'd read about crimson, many people mention this as a good solution.
It does seem like a fairly lengthy process though.
Not heard of monkey extract, but it seems more straight forward.
I guess there no easy way to relink to higher res proxies?
Scratch is probably beyond means.
Not sure where might have this set-up in London, but will try to find out. I'd like a look.

Might just take cut and media to the post house, Moving Picture Company, is where it is supposed to be done. They're pretty big and should be able to deal with it.
Don't know what system they use, n haven't been told what flavour of dpx yet.
I imagine a 4K output would mean more latitude for the grade, but longer processing time.

In the meantime is there an easier way to export redcode timeline as an emailable qt?

Thanks again.

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