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Dual (Double?) Layer DVD burning...

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Dave Turnidge
Dual (Double?) Layer DVD burning...
on May 26, 2016 at 4:42:30 pm

(Posted in wrong forum earlier...)

I have a situation where I want to attempt to burn a dual-layer DVD. What I'm writing now is THEORY, but maybe I'll get some "facts" before I actually do my burn... Thanks to Grazie for searching through this with me...

I will be using Vegas Pro 13, Architect 6, and Ultimate-S Pro (US) as my main software.

First, because, in my case I have a LONG project, I need to determine what my bitrate should be. Grazie used “Mark’s DVD Bitrate Calculation” software – and I will be downloading that later. The Bitrate Calculator in US only gives an “average” bitrate – but Mark’s gives a Maximum, Average and Minimum which matches what is in the template (see below).

Second, it appears that I have to create a new render template so that I can play with bitrates. We found where the bitrates are...and that is under "Render As", and then picking our "base" template, and then using "Customize Template". Here we can modify the bitrate, and then SAVE AS to create a new template for our use.

So, what I’m going to do is take the result from the bitrate calculator and place those figures into the Variable bit rate slots in the template. Next I need to SAVE the template with a NEW NAME that I can then use later. It doesn’t appear that I have to do anything special for the Audio – so I will just use an existing audio template: Dolby Digital AC-3 Pro, Stereo DVD.

Next, moving to US, I would go to the DVD tab and use the Video Template that I created above. The result of this should be a video and audio that I can use in Architect.

Is this correct? Is there a better way?

On a future post, I will see what I can learn in Architect. Any prior input will be appreciated!

Thank you,

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Andrew Lenczycki
Re: Dual (Double?) Layer DVD burning...
on May 26, 2016 at 10:07:21 pm

I believe in DVD Architect, you will specify your media as 8.5GB (Dual Layer) and will have the option of letting DVDA choose where to make the layer break, or you can specify this. I make DVD's consisting of various "segments" and try to put the break midway (timewise) thru. So if I had the following segments and times:
Seg 1 Time 5:00
Seg 2 Time 8:00
Seg 3 Time 3:30
Seg 4 Time 15:00
Seg 5 Time 8:30
Seg 6 Time 10:15
Seg 7 Time 13:00

I would want the break to come between segment 4 & 5, putting 31:15 on layer 1 and 31:22 on layer 2 (i.e roughly half of the total time on each of the two layers). Hopefully this makes sense to you.

Andrew Lenczycki

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Dave Turnidge
Re: Dual (Double?) Layer DVD burning...
on May 27, 2016 at 8:14:02 pm

Well, after burning with the recommended bitrates, my file was almost exactly 8M. The video was 7,613,888K and audio 344,063K. I opened Architect, and everything worked like normal. It knew that I had a dual-layer disk in the drive. I didn’t have to set a layer break.

I burned the DVD – took about ½ hour. I burned it a rate of 4… It ran fine on my computer drive, and also in my TV DVD drive. Yea!

Hope it might help someone in the future...

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Graham Bernard
Re: Dual (Double?) Layer DVD burning...
on May 28, 2016 at 11:41:20 am

You're welcome.

* Grazie

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