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Vegas 13: Color profile/codec errors? Possible alternatives for recording Vegas-acceptable files?

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Brandon Dunneman
Vegas 13: Color profile/codec errors? Possible alternatives for recording Vegas-acceptable files?
on May 13, 2016 at 11:29:24 pm
Last Edited By Brandon Dunneman on May 14, 2016 at 2:14:25 am

So I found another thread where it was mentioned that Vegas itself DOES have issues with the x264vfw codec wrapped inside AVIs. I had missed that one before, and I think it was the only place I'd seen it laid out that plainly. That explains the issues I'm having then.

I'm looking into alternatives but at the moment there are some issues with each of them. I'm on a tight budget, so paid recording programs are right out. The codecs that come with Dxtory either don't work for what I'm recording, are too resource-heavy, or too low quality. MSI Afterburner seems to do alright on the resource and quality aspects, but the MJPG format is hellishly large: a 47s 1080p60 video came out to about 550MB. I'm hoping you guys would know more than I do about this sort of thing! Is there a possibility of recording in some form of .264, or should I give up on that particular dream? I'm a fan of small file sizes, so the MJPG recording worries me, not to mention it chokes my CPU a lot more.

So many times over the past week or so I've found myself back on these forums due to some google search, so I might as well stick with it. I've been attempting to start a streaming/youtube 'career', if you can call it that, but I've run into quite a few issues from the get-go.

It started with Dxtory and the x264vfw codec, outputting into AVI. There are quiet a few threads I've dug up around here about that, but let's cut to the chase: I got it working. Sort of.

The dropdown menu near the bottom there, it defaults to the top option, H264. Any video recorded under that output didn't seem to want to load into anything but VLC. Changing it to x264 fixed that, thankfully. However, now there's different issues, so I'm guessing there's still a catch somewhere.

I made a short recording of the game I was intending to play out, Grandia 2. Now, it has a weird system where it plays at 30fps for most of it, but 60fps for the actual battles. Having made the recording in 60fps, I tested it in various programs.

1.) Tested original recording in VLC, plays normally.
2.) Tested original recording in Windows Media Player, plays normally.
3.) Opened original recording Windows Movie Maker, everything appears fine.
4.) Create a custom output in WMM, so it exports in a 1080p 60fps MP4. Success.
5.) Play WMM output in VLC, plays normally.
6.) Play WMM output in WMP, plays normally.
7.) Opened original recording (not the WMM output) in Sony Vegas Pro 13 trial. Holy hell rainbows!

Here's the recordings so you can compare:
Grandia 2 Original Recording (AVI)
Grandia 2 WMM Output (MP4, and larger than the AVI for some reason)
Grandia 2 Vegas Output (MP4)

Just to clarify, the output that you see there is the exact same thing that the preview window sees inside the program itself, no differences from what I can tell. That's what's confusing me. Vegas itself is having problems displaying the video, where no other program that I've tested does.

Considering Grandia 2 has the weird 30/60fps swap going on, I tried testing the configuration with Diablo 3.
Diablo 3 Vegas Render Test
That didn't go much better.

I'm unsure where to go from here. From what I've read Dxtory packages things strangely, and the x264vfw codec seems to have a reputation of its own. However, what's throwing me off is how Vegas seems to be the only program with the issue.

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Brandon Dunneman
Re: Vegas 13: Color profile/codec errors? Possible alternatives for recording Vegas-acceptable files?
on May 14, 2016 at 10:07:54 am

So this got better. I've been experimenting with different settings in OBS Studio since it seems to be running alright.

I discovered that the NV12 color format is fairly close to i444 and Vegas actually supports it, so I've been testing that. Vegas however seems to like to ignore that the video I recorded is in Full Color Range, and renders out as Partial. I can't figure out how to fix that. I'm going batty.

But wait! The i444 recording matches the game I tested almost exactly, unfortunate that I can't use it. NV12 is too dark according to my previews. This is all with VLC's hardware color conversion off, so I was assuming I was getting the most faithful colors possible. I imported the NV12 into Vegas and rendered three outputs in different pixel formats, one 8bit, one 8bit with a gamma filter, and one 32bit. The 8bit-gamma and 32bit match each other, as well as the game, fairly spot-on. The 8bit without filter is still too dark.

So I upload them to youtube. The 32bit and 8bit-gamma copies are now too bright, but the too-dark regular 8bit render matches flawlessly. I mean, at least now I know which format works, but the fact that the previews regardless of where I view them all seem to be wrong, and I won't know how the video actually looks until it's uploaded and processed...

Please excuse me while I go beat my head against the wall.

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