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Green Screen Method are making me crazy

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leonardo barone
Green Screen Method are making me crazy
on May 11, 2016 at 6:21:51 pm

I never been able to do good job with a green screen, the first I buy was been this, a portable one :

Inspite the fact that I have two softbox, I was unable to get a good key, so I tried outside with the sunlight but don't solved the problem, my shape was full of pixel, later I discovered that many people have had problem with this portable, the green is too much dark and the material is polished.
So I took this, it's very cheap but is better :

But still I'm unable to get a good key, my shape still have pixel.
Here I have two softbox straight on me :

Recently I took this green suit, today i tried it, the resul wasn't at all, I should dissapear instead of become dark, again also in this case I had two softbox in front of me, so what I'm doing wrong ?

Maybe my light bulbs aren't enough strong ? The are two lights of 150W CFL 5500K, or maybe my green screen tools aren't good.
When I wanna buy a green screen what specs matter ? Thick or thin, dark green tone or light green tone, professional or not professional, muslin or other materials ?

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Angelo Mike
Re: Green Screen Method are making me crazy
on May 11, 2016 at 6:25:45 pm

Vegas' chroma keyer tool is pretty primitive and weak (I know from experience). I'd use one of the plugins available for more powerful keying tools.

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James Hauge
Re: Green Screen Method are making me crazy
on May 12, 2016 at 9:47:16 am

I agree with Angelo, but would like to add that the green screen should be smooth so as not to have shadows from wrinkles... Also, the screen needs to have separate lighting so its even colored on camera...

I noticed in your pic that the screen is all wrinkled and each wrinkle changes the color and makes keying harder...

A stronger keyer as Angelo suggested will help but you can do more to help too...


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mark thompson
Re: Green Screen Method are making me crazy
on May 13, 2016 at 7:04:47 am

Hi Leonardo,
most people have these problems!
Firstly, "getting a good key" is almost impossible. Though nobody selling you equipment will mention that. There is a special color for green screen but is does not matter, most keying tools let you select and refine the color. What's important is that the color is not used in your subject's clothing. This is hard to achieve as many textiles blend in multiple color threads.
Stand further away from your green screen and back light your subject. You need to aim for a relatively bright but consistent halo effect around your subject. That is the only part of the picture you will key.
You need to aim for low video noise. Use a good camera and use it in a mode that minimizes noise. You may need to use noise reduction software to achieve this.
Isolate the subject using a simple key, known as a "choker" effect. Then using masking to get rid of the rest of the picture (a so called garbage matte). You should only be left with a consistent green halo and that is the only part you should attempt a fine key.

My main point is that your expectations about what keying can achieve are too high. The "green screen" effect is mainly achieved through hard work in post.

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