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Boris Macuh
Sony Vegas-Resolve workflov
on May 11, 2016 at 6:18:33 am

Hi there,

I like to do colorgrading in DavinciResolve and video editing in Sony Vegas. Which program should I start first?
What do you sugest? And most important: how can I export project from one to another?
Would be there some video quality lost during transfer?



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Steve Rhoden
Re: Sony Vegas-Resolve workflov
on May 11, 2016 at 10:53:56 am
Last Edited By Steve Rhoden on May 11, 2016 at 10:54:40 am

Color Grading can already be done effectively in Sony Vegas...
So there is not really a compelling reason to go back and force between two
applications for this one feature, because even so all the color grading plugins
and features out there already works within Vegas:

LUT's Import - Via VisionColor Lut plugin.
Magic Bullet Looks.
Magic Bullet Mojo.
FilmConvert (Film Emulation).
Pixelan FilmTouch Pro.
Digital Film Tools FilmStocks.
Digital Film Tools Tiffen.
Newblue ColorFast.

Steve Rhoden (Cow Leader)
Film Maker & VFX Artist.
Owner of Filmex Creative Media.
Samples of my Work and Company can be seen here:

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Boris Macuh
Re: Sony Vegas-Resolve workflov
on May 12, 2016 at 5:49:21 am

Thanks both.

I like to use Vegas for everythink, but there is no opacity level adj. in VisionColor Lut plugin which I use.

I realy need that function to work with it. Is there mybesome other way for LUTs opacity adj. in Vegas or I miss somthing?

Thank you.


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John Rofrano
Re: Sony Vegas-Resolve workflov
on May 11, 2016 at 11:49:40 am

[Boris Macuh] "I like to do colorgrading in DavinciResolve and video editing in Sony Vegas. Which program should I start first?"
If you know anything about color grading you would know that it comes last which should tell you right there where to start first. ;-)

BTW, first you should do color correcting, then color matching, and then finally color grading. Color correcting and matching can be done in Vegas Pro before you editing. Color grading should be done as a last step with an export from Vegas Pro to Resolve if that's what you want to use. Then import back into Vegas Pro to finish your edit.
[Boris Macuh] "And most important: how can I export project from one to another?"
Save your project using the AAF format going to Resolve and back. Google: "vegas pro resolve workflow" and you'll find lots of videos to show you how.
[Boris Macuh] "Would be there some video quality lost during transfer?"
Yes. There is always loss when you render (unless you use a lossless codec) so this is to be expected. Whatever you do in Resolve must be baked into the video via a render step but you probably won't notice any loss as long as you use a high bitrate.


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Keith Stark
Re: Sony Vegas-Resolve workflov
on May 17, 2016 at 3:14:07 pm

HI, first post over here as I'm usually on the Sony or BMC forums.

I've been shooting with my BMCC for the past few years (mostly raw) and working with footage from a 4K and other sources also.

What works for me is the following:

Load footage into resolve and export proxys in cineform.AVI ( to avoid MOV issues). you can do this at what ever resolution you like but I stick to 1080 anyway.

Edit away with Vegas. I make notes with markers or text events when ever I resize/crop or will need to stabilize later in Resolve. Resizing will not transfer, but fades and reversing will. (this is the same for Prem, it's a limitation of Resolve)

Export using fnalcut7/resolve XML and import that back into resolve and choose to not reimport the clips. this will match it the source footage so that you will not get an extra generation loss in your final edit.

Once the timeline is loaded into Resolve there may be a number a clips that are wrong. This is due to Resolve only understanding things in terms of timecode. However, there's a "!" icon at the bottom left of each clip, just click on it and it will let you choose between a few different clips to get the correct one. Sounds annoying but it only takes a few minutes depending.

Recreate any cropping from the Vegas edit.

color away, IMHO a few reasons to Round trip and CC in Resolve are:

1) minimum generation loss ( I do a final render out of resolve instead of vegas)
2) Resolve has superior math for CC compared to any NLE
3) If you have a full version the GPU noise reduction is priceless.
4) Optical flow for speed changes (similar to twixtor)
5) stabilization is really good, however I'll still use AE for the hard stuff.
6) color correcting in the context of the edit.
7) LUT support

for audio I just do a master mix to wav in Vegas, fly that into resolve then mute everything else.

I did my first DCP last year and it turned out stellar.


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