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Glitchy Text Editor

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Balázs Ferenczi
Glitchy Text Editor
on Apr 6, 2016 at 7:14:40 pm


In Sony Vegas the text editor is sometimes a nightmare for me. First of all, there are fonts that won't change back to some default font (like Arial) when I type a new text, but with other fonts it will. Why? Is this a bug, a feature, or what?

My other problem are special characters (special language characters), like éáűúőóüö
If I type in some text (with these characters), then switch the font to, for example, Hansen (or anything else that has these characters. Right now I searched for Hansen, and couldn't find a table where it shows that it has those characters, but I can assure you, it has them), all the characters change to Hansen, expect the special ones. But if I leave it in Hansen, type something in a notepad, then copy the text to the text editor in Sony, then the text will change to Hansen, even the special ones (sometimes when I'm lazy to switch the font every time this is the way I do it.)

I tried both the "Titles & Text" kind and the "(Legacy) Text" kind. Both have the same bug(?)

Any ideas why does this happen? Can it be fixed?



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Wayne Waag
Re: Glitchy Text Editor
on Apr 6, 2016 at 11:52:02 pm

The problems you describe have been around for a long time and I doubt that they will be resolved. Users often report that they can access certain fonts in Legacy Text but not Text and Titles. However, there are so many advantages of using the newer Text and Titles, especially if you use Vegasaur, that it seems a shame to use the older Legacy Text.

Here's something to try if you haven't already. It's one way of getting fonts to show up in Text and Titles that normally don't. I just did this with a font named Allcaps. It would show up in Legacy Text but not Text and Titles. First open Word and if it shows up there, select the font and type something. Then copy and paste into your Text and Titles window. Then save that as a Preset. It will still show the font to be Verdana, but the actual font will be the one pasted from Word--in my case Allcaps. You can change the usual things such as font size, Bold, Italics, etc. Whether this technique will work for Hansen or its special characters, I have no idea but it might be worth a try. Good luck.


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