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Shooting/Editing/Distributing Progressive Footage

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Rich Kutnick
Shooting/Editing/Distributing Progressive Footage
on Mar 11, 2016 at 7:53:50 pm

I plan to shoot an interview with 2 cameras (Sony NX-5U and Sony AX-33), edit on Sony Vegas Pro 13 and if I produce disks, author on Sony DVD Architect Pro 6. Several colleagues have told me that they prefer 30P over 60i (better video quality). Since I never have delved into progressive shooting (always shoot at 1080 60i), I have a number of questions:

1) The NX-5U's max progressive frame rate is 30p; the AX-33 does not have 30p capabilities, but DOES offer 60p.

2) So can I mix 30p and 60p footage on the same timeline? If so, will there be any noticeable differences between the two camera's recordings, as they will be shooting the same subject?

3) If acceptable results can be obtained using this methodology, which project settings should I use? Would they differ depending upon the media used in the final output (e.g. DVD, Blu-ray, thumbdrive, web, etc.)?

4) Will Sony Vegas Pro 13 (or maybe even DVD Architect Pro 6) properly convert the output, as I am aware that Blu-ray specs call for 1080i?

5) Or am I just barking up the wrong tree and should I stick with old-school 1080 60i (tried and true, but maybe not the best choice given the state of the art and the equipment being used?

Your help in straightening all of this out will be most appreciated, for I now am just looking in to the progressive world of video. I DO understand that by using progressive acquisition I WILL be able to obtain much cleaner frame grabs AND MUCH smooth slo-mo (but for an interview the latter is a moot point).

Thank you in advance.

Rich Kutnick

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Wayne Waag
Re: Shooting/Editing/Distributing Progressive Footage
on Mar 12, 2016 at 3:27:38 am

Since you are going to be delivering on disc (assuming Blu-ray), the delivery format will be 1080 60i since the Blu-ray spec only supports progressive at 24P. Others may differ, but I'd suggest just shooting at 1080 60i as well and be done with it. It certainly is a lot easier avoiding mixed frame rates. As far as converting 60P to 30P in Vegas, it's quite simple. Just set your project properties to 30P and make sure that you disable re-sample for the 60P footage. In such cases, Vegas discards every other frame so the result is 30P. You can certainly render interlaced from progressive footage but it will be slower. If you were to deliver for the web, then shooting progressive would make more sense. Perhaps someone else could offer an opinion.


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