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Once again, Laptop suggestions? (Im looking at one that has an AMD GPU, John)

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Bruce Richard
Once again, Laptop suggestions? (Im looking at one that has an AMD GPU, John)
on Feb 3, 2016 at 7:21:15 am
Last Edited By Bruce Richard on Feb 3, 2016 at 3:32:03 pm

I've been getting into video editing, and have a desktop (Windows 7 Pro, AMD A6-3650, 24GB RAM, 500GB HDD, 2TB Int, 5TB Ext, 1.5TB Ext) that works ok for me, I had it built in early 2012, so its doing pretty good for a 4 year old build.

The majority of my editing involves using Vegas 13 Pro and correcting some old home movies I had scanned professionally using a Rank Cintel. High quality scans, but my Dad didn't always have his 8mm movie camera set up right. That is what I am in tweaking. I am using Vegas for color and exposure corrections and final rendering, and am just now learning and using Avisynth (for degraining mostly) and Virtual dub (mostly for Deshaker).

Now, why I am looking at adding in a Laptop.

I realized I have a lot of downtime away from the house, (and my desktop) and I could use that dead time doing the slow (but rewarding) process of isolating scenes, and correcting and such. So I'm thinking a laptop built for that sort of thing. All of the tools I use seem to work verrrrry sloooooow at times, but they do work. I'd like a laptop to possibly do these processes as well as or maybe even better than my desktop, as there are newer more powerful processors available now.

My primary focus is the main processor and the video processor. Are there any "benchmarks" I should strive for in looking at these? I think I read where a quad core with a slightly lesser speed is better for our purposes than a dual core with a faster speed? Things to look out for like that. Also, the video processor. Is there a level of power I should try to attain?

Of course I'll be looking for things like a decent sized HDD, ability to hold 16 Gig of RAM, USB3, etc. Also, I'd like it to be Windows 7.

Additionally, the screen. Do I need something real high end? All I need it to do is represent true colors so my corrections have a good base. So that the corrections I make look fine when I load up the file on my desktop. I have a Color Monkey for calibration purposes. The screen would need to be at least 15.6 inches also.

I entertained having one built for about a second, but knowing there is no standard like the ATX standard for desktops, realized I had to look at something already made.

My target is something around $1000 or less, although I could go higher if the object in question is a real smoking machine.

I wrote the above a few days ago, and haven't had much luck in finding something that meets my requirements, that is near my price. But no real surprise there I guess.

I've been researching here and there on the web, picking up tidbits of knowledge. I found a thread here where John Rofrano mentioned that he likes the way AMD GPUs work with Vegas.

When I started plugging in my requirements into places like Newegg and Amazon, (Win 7, i7 processor, 15.6" or more screen, etc) A relatively inexpensive Lenovo popped up amongst the other $1500-$2000 offerings. Here's a link.

It's an i7, but that particular i7 is only dual core, (but multi threaded)

It has an AMD Radeon R7 M260, which I googled to find out is considered a lower-mid level unit.

Could anybody give an estimate about what kind of performance it would give me? (I'd add more RAM, maybe switch out the optical drive with a HD caddy)

Again, I'm using SVP 13 but not doing tons of work with it, just color/exposure corrections, maybe a transition every now and then. I might try rendering into a frame server for the avisynth, then back into Vegas for final rendering like I do on my desktop, but if it's not up to it I could save that for the desktop. I'm not doing anything with heavy compositing, or 4K, or anything like that. Just some HD scans that need some tweaking.

Also some Avisynth scripts and some deshaker.

But it would be nice to be able to do the labor intensive and time consuming splices, corrections, etc, while I am away from my desktop with so much time to kill. That is my main goal.

(And if someone has a recommendation for a different laptop please share)

Thank you

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James Hauge
Re: Once again, Laptop suggestions? (Im looking at one that has an AMD GPU, John)
on Feb 3, 2016 at 9:39:53 pm

Aloha from Hawaii Bruce!

I use Sony Vegas on my laptop all the time.. and in my experience (I am by no way an expert or anything at all) Sony Vegas rarely uses the GPU except for some 3d rendering type stuff if it's available...

I'd focus on getting the CPU power and memory to be high...

for my laptop, i'm using a quad core 2.3 ghz with 4 gig of ram and have no problems, just long render times...

If I were in your situation, I'd do the active edit's (where you're doing the work of editing and setting things) then save it and let it render over night... That's what I always do for my edits if I can... If you have a powerful enough laptop though, it wouldn't have any problems...

I'd still focus on the CPU and memory, gpu (for a laptop) is less important.. now, being that you are going to be using color correction and such, you do want a gpu that can make the adjustments you want so things look right on your screen, so that's what I'd focus on for the gpu...

Good luck!

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