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Sony Vegas 13 Pro [GPU - Best Render Sets - Audio pitch - Final Result]

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Robson Rocho
Sony Vegas 13 Pro [GPU - Best Render Sets - Audio pitch - Final Result]
on Nov 16, 2015 at 1:38:54 pm

Ok, guys i bought sony vegas 13 pro, and i found it kinda tricky at beginning, but now i'm doing some good work... But i always had some problems that i didn't look for an answer and soon as i´m editing more and more, i guess i'll need that.

1 - GPU rendering doesn't help in nothing right? My processor is an Vishera 8 Core, that isn't bad.. and my video card is a Radeon R9 990FX, that i guess is rather fast than processor. But switching to render through GPU, render time doesn't decrease... So... Something i'm doing wrong?

2 - Best render settings. I have read a lot about this, and a lot of diverts answers was that i have found. But in most case, i saw that i should always "Disable Resampling". Ok. I guess that improved my final quality video. But as i said, lot of different answers, i would like to clear that my video's source is a Gopro, in Full HD, that i record my motocross events and i drop these videos on Youtube. I lean for best quality, no matter how much bigger the file gets. So i'm currently using this. Is it ok? Something that i could improve?

3 - This is a n00b one.. When i fast forward or rewind my video, i usualy "insert > envelop speed" and set speed, but audio doesn't synk... So i cut audio off and importa an "fast forward / rewind " audio effect... But i don't think this is the right way. So i ask a possible way to "fast forward / rewind" audio, same way i'm doing with video.

4 This is the most important one: I already worked with gopro studio and final results are impressive, even better using ProTune Filter, but it's limited in what is possible to do and it has a lot of crashes and bugs. So Final result in vegas is a little color vanished and is like there is a "fog" on entire screen, and some object's corners get a blurry shape. So i have found that using Color correction and Sharpness i'll got some improvement, and it's true but not the same result. So i'm looking for it, to have that same great eye'a filling image as gopro deliver. If you want to compare, there's two videos here,

1st - Gopro Studio

2nd - Sony Vegas 13

Thanks in advance!

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Sean McNally
Re: Sony Vegas 13 Pro [GPU - Best Render Sets - Audio pitch - Final Result]
on Dec 6, 2015 at 12:48:27 am
Last Edited By Sean McNally on Dec 6, 2015 at 12:49:38 am

1 - I've never gotten GPU rendering to work, it's incredibly buggy in Vegas.

2 - Here is the definitive tutorial on render settings, it is what I have been using for years. It is one of the most in-depth tutorials on the subject out there -

3 - This is fairly easy. Don't bother with envelopes. To speed up/slow down, simply hold control while dragging either end of the clip. This makes the clip faster or shorter rather than cutting frames off the ends. As far as reverse, simply right click any clip and select the "Reverse" option in the context menu that pops up.

4 - I'm not really familiar with GoPro studio, but it seems like color correction is the way to go. If you want something more in-depth, take a look around for third party color correction plugins that might better suit your needs. However, if you think Sony vegas isn't representing the original footage correctly while exporting, refer to the YouTube link I included earlier. It includes tips for, not enhancing, but accurately rendering out color in the footage.

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Ca Tourne Et Joupiter
Re: Sony Vegas 13 Pro [GPU - Best Render Sets - Audio pitch - Final Result]
on Feb 2, 2016 at 8:09:06 pm

"""I've never gotten GPU rendering to work, it's incredibly buggy in Vegas."""

Thanks for advice. I lost nearly 15 days and started to become crazy with all day long rendering of 1 hour project ( with many fx corrections), crash in mid time of render,etc.. and even slow prev. too !

Now I render "normally" fast considering my I7/ SSD, 16 gig memory, etc

I bought ( didn't knew it before) a GeForce nvidia. well, have to use it just for 3d pc gamer apps for my children...

The best !

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