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Created by Sony Vegas 13.0 and using DVDA 6.0 and a glitch

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Joseph Ripley
Created by Sony Vegas 13.0 and using DVDA 6.0 and a glitch
on Nov 12, 2015 at 5:58:04 pm

After I rendered 6 videos using Vegas Pro 13.0 to m2v format at 1920x1080-60i, I opened up DVD Architect 6.0 where I inserted a sub-menu. I inserted 3 videos on the first menu, then 3 videos on the second menu. I went to properties and changed the size of the disc from 25 Gigabyte to 50 Gigabyte disc.

The length of the videos are as follows: Menu 1: 1) 00.06:53 2)00:23:28 3) 01:59:30 Menu 2: 1) 01:29:30 2) 00:25:11 3) 00:22:14.

The DVD Architect showed the size even though in red to be 46.1 Gigabyte in size which should easily fit on a 50 Gigabyte disc. I hit the button to Blu-Ray last night at 7:00 p.m. and when I got up this morning, I discovered my laptop rebooted. I took the BDRE out of the burner and placed it into the Sony 4K Blu-Player to test it. the three videos on Menu 1 started playing well. When I clicked on the button I created in text only format to take me to Menu 2, it shut down. I opened the disc drawer and shut it to get it to load back in and got the same results. I checked the ISO file size and noticed it was smaller than what showed in DVD Architect 6.0. Not knowing what caused the laptop to reboot, I deleted the ISO file and restarted the process again. Should I get the same result, would redoing these videos in MainConcept AVC format fix this situation. I have read that your should be able to get 9 hours of time on a 50 gig disc on AVC format and less on m2v format. Planning on upgrading laptop to the HP ZBook 17 that has 32 gig of RAM and Terabyte hard drive in December.

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john lenihan
Re: Created by Sony Vegas 13.0 and using DVDA 6.0 and a glitch
on Nov 14, 2015 at 6:15:59 pm

1. I use the sony avc/mvc codec and choose AVCHD 1920 x 1080 x 60i as the rendering choice when in your situation. Is that what you used?

2. If you use that codec, you can fit about 3.5 hours on a 25 gig bluray and about 5 hours on a 50 gig bluray.

3. When you put the files into the dvd architect project, it will tell you at the bottom if you are over 100 %. If it is over, goofy things happen.

4. Just using the terms 50 gig and 46 gig is a little imprecise, because of the two definitions of a gig, they can be off by 10%.

5. In DVD architect, if set the button on the lower right to 50 gig disk, then tell it to show you in %.


John Lenihan

LeniCam Video Productions

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Joseph Ripley
Re: Created by Sony Vegas 13.0 and using DVDA 6.0 and a glitch
on Nov 15, 2015 at 6:10:49 am

Actually another responded from Australia and sent me the following link:
The total time with all six videos is 5 hours 45 minutes and 17 seconds. Using the bitrate calculator after converting it all to minutes and specifying the Blu-Ray Disc size it gave me the following information that I have to do with each video.
Rate Control 2-Pass VBR
Maximum Bit Rate: 42,100 kb/s
Average Bit Rate: 14, 250 kb/s
Minimum Bit Rate: 5,700 kb/s

Since under custom template for M2V that I have been using the info is in bytes per second. So all I did was change the numbers and checked the 2-pass box for VBR.

I will have to admit on this one video which is 1:59:30 it is taking 14 hours to complete just rendering the video. I will be comparing the size from the first render without doing that. The first time on this particular video the size was 17.8 GB. This should compress this particular video to a much smaller size and have to do the same using the same numbers on the other 5 videos. Then test on a 50Gig BDRE.

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