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Victor Fernandes
SonyVegas Doubts
on Sep 24, 2015 at 1:36:55 pm

Hello everyone,

This is my first post on this forum however I've been visiting so much time and whenever I have a doubt.

Since I'm limited at English I will be direct to the point:

1. Whenever I want to cut certain parts of a video I select the frame where I want to cut, press Right Click and then "Split" and do the same to the end and delete that part of the video.
Now, can I also do that with the audio? The option isn't available for me, the purpose is to cut some parts of the audio or simple leveling the volume.

2. I record gameplays and full resolution ( 1366x768 60fps) and I set the bitrate to 8Mb/s and when I export my settings are:

- 1280x720p 60fps
- Target bitrate: 8
- Max bitrate: 8

I like the quality of the videos even when they are at YouTube I just want to know if I can improve those numbers, like having Target bitrate at 8 but Max Bitrate at 10, I'm not doing nothing wrong here, right? Or it is completly fine?

3. Final question, how do I animate image to come from far to very close but watching what I'm doing in real time? I mean, in After Effects I can slide the "thing" and adjust the keyframes and watch how it will be but in Vegas I have to do it blindly.

How can you see, in that video I made, the text "Insurgency" (to be honest is a PNG image) to come from far but I wanted tiny but the editing is very sensitive, and in the end it feels very clunky, I wanted to come as close as possible but then the image was cutted above in bottom , don't know why. I did all of this blindly since I adjusted the keyframes without seeing it how it would end, more like trial and error.

Anyways, these are all the questions I have, if something feels confusing I will try to improve and be more specific in my writing.

Thank you all.

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Aaron Star
Re: SonyVegas Doubts
on Sep 25, 2015 at 1:09:27 am

1 - try adding a blank track above your timeline clips to do your cursor movements. Selecting this track and timeline spot, hitting S, will cut both audio and video below the track.

2 - 720-60P on youtube is 8Mb/s. Your source should be captured at more like 12-16Mbs. edited and uploaded at 12-16mbs. this allows YT to "throw away" info to get to a good 8Mbs. Editing source mp4 files is not really an optimized way to work in vegas. Recording something like XDCAM422 or EX, or source recording mp4 footage to 16-28Mbs, then converting to XDCAM 60p would be a better way of editing.

Also setting your game to a Video standard resolution would something else to look into. 720p is 1280x720, HD is 1920x1080. Changes your game settings to match those resolutions.

3 - Not sure about this question, and it sounds like you just do not know the edit controls in Vegas very well.

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Bill Burnette
Re: SonyVegas Doubts
on Sep 25, 2015 at 5:09:25 am

3. See if this is what you need: Look for the little lock icon in the pan/crop window. Click to lock. Then the time control in the pan crop window will lock to the time control on the main timeline, so the panned/cropped image will show in the main preview window as you operate in the pan/crop window.

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