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Vegas Pro 12 problem with punch-in recording takes

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Sam rosenthal
Vegas Pro 12 problem with punch-in recording takes
on Dec 27, 2014 at 7:59:24 pm
Last Edited By Sam rosenthal on Dec 27, 2014 at 8:15:26 pm

Hi. I have been using Vegas since 2002. I am now using Pro 12, and am having a problem with punch-in recording that seems like a bug, though maybe it's a wrong-setting somewhere.

Can you help?

The problem: When I record a punch-in take, sometimes the new take doesn't appear in the event I just punched it into. It's in a file beneath the current file.

Sony's website says: Once you've recorded over the selected event, it actually holds both the original and the new recording. Right-click the event and choose Take from the menu. You have several options in the menu, including the option to choose the take you want from the bottom of the menu. This way you can switch back and forth to find the take you like the best.

Ah, if only it still worked that way! Let me give an example.
I've just laid down two audio tracks of guitar. A track for the microphone and a track for the line-out. Now I need to go in and replace a measure, where my timing was off. I set Vegas up for a punch-in, record the punch-in, save the files. In the Line event, I now see take-1 and take-2 available. In the Mike event, I only see take-1. Where is take-2? I've discovered that if I pull the new event aside, there's another event file beneath the one I just recorded, it contains take-2. But now I have the problem that the takes are not all available in the menu for the evente. This is obnoxious, as the idea is to have the various takes within one file, so I can select between them.

It seems to happen at random, and not in both tracks I'm recording.

I just tried 6 different takes in the same 2 events (like the example above). The problem occurs almost every time. Sometimes the new take is in the same event, most of the time not. All in all, each track has 3 or 4 different events sitting in the same spot.

This is totally NOT how a punch-in suppose to work!!!

Does anyone have this same problem? Did you find a way to fix it?

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