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Gh4 playback with my system

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Niall Megs
Gh4 playback with my system
on Nov 3, 2014 at 11:55:18 am

Hi everyone

Im looking into buying a gh4 and have downloaded a couple of 4k sample files from Vimeo, but when i bring them into the timeline the playback is very choppy.
The footage plays back perfectly in QuickTime player by itself.

Here is my system

Sony Vegas 12
I7 3930k overclocked to 4.2ghz
32gig ram
Nvidia Geforce gtx 560Ti
256 SSD for System drive( read and write speed 500mb)
4tb Wd black (Read 133mbs Write 128mbs)

Im want to be able to edit the 4k footage directly from the camera without having to create proxies ect.

My guess is that i will probably need a external usb3 raid0 configured drive or a graphics card update.

Im just confused about which card if i was to upgrade would work best in Vegas

Can anyone share there systems and experience editing Gh4 footage?



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Andy Humphreys
Re: Gh4 playback with my system
on Nov 3, 2014 at 5:19:07 pm

Hello, I might be wrong, but when a video is uploaded to Vimeo I think it is converted to 29.97(NTSC) regardless of what goes "up". If this is right you will have downloaded in NTSC and so your edit software is switching from reading your material to reading NTSC. Hence it struggles a bit.

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Niall Megs
Re: Gh4 playback with my system
on Nov 3, 2014 at 9:57:07 pm

Hi Andy

Thanks for replying. I just tried playing back with every possible different media settings and still the same. Matched media settings, Pal-Ntsc, different frame rates, everything. No joy.

I'm wondering is it a problem within Vegas itself. Does Vegas have a problem playing the Gh4 footage compared to Adobe premiere or Final cut.

I just don't wanna go out and buy a new hard drives and upgrade my gpu if i don't have to..

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Dave Osbun
Re: Gh4 playback with my system
on Nov 4, 2014 at 4:45:18 pm

My friend just purchased a GH4 and we played with some edits in my system (Vegas Pro 12 with i5 CPU & Radeon HD7850 GPU) and playback wasn't perfect. To edit 4k you really need a top-end system and super-fast RAID array. A single SSD isn't going to cut it.


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Heinrich Himmel
Re: Gh4 playback with my system
on Nov 5, 2014 at 9:42:45 am

I suspect your GPU is to blame. 4K from GH4 runs fine in Best Full (no effects) in my system (4930k - 32GB RAM - AMD R9 280x)

GPU utilization is 60% on average on Best Full! On Preview Auto, it is 3%. CPU utilization is around 50%. Vegas is optimized for OpenCL and nVidia is not the best option for that. CUDA will not enhance playback, only renders that use CUDA. Try switching to an AMD card. Both playback and renders will increase. If you like wait until the R9 3xx series comes out in February. At the very least the R9 2xx will drop in price.

FYI, I run my 4K footage from external 5400RPM drives. No issues on playback. GH4 4K is only 100mbps (roughly 12MB/s). HDD can run at approx 100MB/s and SSD at 400MB/s. RAW footage is where you need fast drives.

Best full is not necessary for your cuts. Unless you run an external 4K monitor, you will only be slowing down your workflow and ruining your hearing from your fans spinning up. Best Full is useful after you made your cuts like when you are applying NR or adjusting color. Since you are not going to be scrubbing through your footage, it will not stress your system.

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