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Pop-INs,glitching & artifacts after rendering

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Francesco Barese
Pop-INs,glitching & artifacts after rendering
on Oct 17, 2014 at 1:04:04 pm

Hi everybody,hows it goin'?

im having a big problem with artifacts on pretty complex videos...ive been having this problem ever since i started using vegas about 2 years ago.ive been looking for solutions online for a long time and tried everything i could until i finally gave up and just decided to tone down my videos instead.but thats a horrible compromise for me and i dont want to do that anymore.theres nothing worse than having to limit your creativity like that.

i included a video that shows exactly what im talking about...i'll admit that these videos are pretty demanding on the system.theres multiple layers of png pictures with transparencies moving in 3 dimensions,with hefty effects on top of them,lots of keyframes,transitions,full hd videos etc...i know how that can be a problem if it were a real time simulation but this is RENDERING...the whole point of rendering is that the computer takes its time(which it does...cause it takes me 30 minutes to render 30 seconds of footage)and renders each frame individually with no mistakes.i uploaded a video here to show you what i mean(i put the already rendered video in vegas again and edited it to include only the parts with the artifacts)

now these pop ins are things that are simply not there...i dont know where its taking them from but theres nothing there that could appear for a brief time like that....there isnt any minuscule pieces of video or a jpeg that i accidentally left on the timeline or a keyframe left there by mistake.everythings very clean and theres no mistakes on my part.i analyzed the whole video frame by frame.and during the rendering preview none of these glitches are visible.and theyre really not the problem happens during rendering.some people suggested to switch from 8bit pixel format to 32(which made it even worse).i tried different resolutions,framerates...nothing helps...i'd really like to solve this once and for all...i'd like to have the freedom of knowing that i can go as crazy as i want to without having to be held back by ,im working on a laptop thats not exactly a powerhouse..its adequate at best(but again,i thought the whole point of rendering is so that the pc takes it as slow as it has to and export whats on the timeline perfectly down to the frame)...but maybe im wrong?could computational power be an issue?

im working on a windows 7 laptop and vegas 12....8gb of ram,2.50 GHz

if anybodys got any suggestions or solutions or fixes i could try,please let me know....i'd really like to solve this.("dont put too much stuff in the video" is not the solution im looking for...also,ive already made sure that the problem isnt on the timeline...all the issues come out during rendering)and there is no consistency with the artifacts...if i render the same exact video twice the pop ins will appear in different places and at different times...its random and arbitrary

thanks in advance for your help



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