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Sony vegas changing FX by itself

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megan hardy
Sony vegas changing FX by itself
on Apr 14, 2014 at 4:48:14 am

Hello this is the most frustrating issue I have ever dealt with on sony vegas and I can not figure out where the problem is coming from, I really hope someone can help.

I do all my work in sony vegas. A lot of the time I add "levels" fx to my clips. Usually I do the work in 1080p 60i template and then change the template to 4k when I go to render to get best quality for myself. (I can't do the actual work in 4k template because it is too HQ and will lag.)

However whenever I change the template and project properties all my "level fx" changes on my clips. All of a sudden they are not dragged to the end of the clip. They are cut short, or cut off. Or taken out completely.

This also happens when I copy one clip with "level fx" onto a new sony vegas project. All of a sudden the "level fx" has been changed.

I do not know where this problem came from.

I have completely uninstalled sony vegas and reinstalled it multiple times. Its followed me onto my desktop computer as well. I've never had this problem before...just in like the last year 1/2

It happens on both my versions of sony vegas. 11 and 12.

Image 1 (first adding the fx)

Image 2 (after I copied the clip with the fx into a new project. I had both projects open at same time, same settings)

See how in the second clip the level fx has suddenly gone completely down? Well that is what happens to all my clips when I change the template. Sometimes it is only ONE side of the "levels fx" that gets changed and the other side remains perfectly fine (as seen in the second image).

It only seems to affect "levels". But its so frustrating. Because I use levesls to fade in and out and all that other stuff. I feel like I can't be creative without it.

Please any help, I would be sooooooo grateful! I hate this. e-e It just completely ruins the editing experience. Especially when you do all the work and go to render and then all of a sudden all your clips are cutting off at random places....

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Graham Bernard
Re: Sony vegas changing FX by itself
on Apr 14, 2014 at 1:59:20 pm

Yeah, this is a messy analysis, but you're going to need to deconstruct your project a bit more than what you have posted.

1/- I see you have the Video Bus with some NODES on it - yes?

2/- It would be good to see exactly WHAT your preview looks at - meaning place the CURSOR on the exact same position.

3/- Are we really looking at a 2 second slice?

4/- Your use of Levells in this way is new to me, and something that I'll investigate further, but at present you haven't got the Levels Timeline SYNCed to the main Timeline - why?

Sorry, I need to know more . . .


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Scott Simpson
Re: Sony vegas changing FX by itself
on Apr 14, 2014 at 2:39:17 pm

Just so I understand what you're trying to accomplish -- you're using three separate instances of the Sony Levels plug-in to make fade-ins and fade-outs? I'm always interested in learning new things -- so can you tell me why you'd do that instead of, say, using a conventional fade-in or fade-out, which is built right in and can be accomplished with a single click and drag?

Radio guy in a TV world.

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