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Lack of 'control' of Vegas 11 Pro.

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David Pendry
Lack of 'control' of Vegas 11 Pro.
on Apr 9, 2014 at 9:38:47 am

Hi, All.
I'm right in the middle of a job editing some terrific WW1 film footage for the local town archive.
It's not very long, but it does have quite a lot of 'layers' as I'm recreating the old 'flickering film' look, rather than have the writing looking too new and out of synch.
Rather than use the 'Old Film' effects, I just use a piece of 'blank' film footage behind the words, themselves.
I then add a tiny bit of 'Jitter' to the words, a touch of 'Bump Map' and finally, reduce the 'Opacity' a little.

The problem I have is that I can start the timeline running, but then it takes around 20 seconds to stop after pressing the 'Stop' button!
As there's LOADS of writing within this little film, I wondered if I have overloaded the software!?
The PC is a purpose-built monster and usually works brilliantly... although there are a couple of other slight problems you might be able to help me with...

When PLAYING footage from tape (yes, I'm that old fashioned!), I can view the footage on the PC's screen, however, as soon as I press 'Record' to actually upload the footage, the image disappears from the PC screen.
Which means I have to watch it on the camera, itself :-(

Lastly, I cannot play OUTWARDS to create a master-tape.
The camera goes into 'Record', but the video footage is not displayed (or recorded) on the camera.
I have been back to the shop where the PC was built, but they insist everything is compatible...
The settings are all correct within Vegas (believe me, I've checked a dozen times!), but still no joy.

Any ideas?



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Dave Osbun
Re: Lack of 'control' of Vegas 11 Pro.
on Apr 10, 2014 at 11:50:43 am

How are you capturing (and printing to tape), via FireWire or USB? I used to capture (in Pro 8) from MiniDV using FireWire and was always able to view the video in the preview window. Maybe your ability not to coincides with the 'stop playback' issue?

It might be a system resource issue. Try opening the system resource monitor and during playback sew what your CPU & RAM utilization is, especially when you hit the space bar to stop playback.


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David Pendry
Re: Lack of 'control' of Vegas 11 Pro.
on Apr 14, 2014 at 9:39:51 am

Hi, Dave.

Yes, I'm using a new Firewire cable, connected to the (also new) 'adaptor, which was missing from the original build(!)
(Even though I had stipulated exactly what I wanted the PC built for, they forgot to include a way of uploading video... and it only cost me 3000 euros!)
Anyway, the problem with the 'lack of control' was, as you quite rightly alluded to, a RAM / processor issue.
Once I 'downgraded' the preview quality, the problem went away immediately!
The footage is all 100 years-old, anyway, so you can't tell the difference!
The only problems I still have are the vanishing preview when uploading video, and the lack of 'output' when trying to create a master tape.
I will have to use the DVD burning facility (which is SO flakey, resulting in LOADS of wasted discs (and MONEY!) that don't work properly... especially when having to use the more expensive 8.5Gb versions, which are a once-only affair!
When I have finished this project, I am taking the whole PC back to the shop to show them what it's NOT doing, as trying to describe it has lead me nowhere!

Thanks for coming back to me.


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