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Vegas Studio Platinum 9.0 Constantly Crashing

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Kylie O'Brien
Vegas Studio Platinum 9.0 Constantly Crashing
on Mar 22, 2014 at 10:44:44 am

I have had this problem on a few projects over the years, and I notice it happens when I start using too many large video files. Basically, the program will just freeze up or crash on it's own during editing - whether that be video playback, moving a file, importing a file, adding an effect, etc. Generally I'll be able to get in 1-3 small edits before the program inevitably crashes (maybe importing and cropping a file). I've always been able to work through it eventually in the past, generally because it'll start happening towards the end of a project, when I have seemingly stretched Vegas to breaking point, and I just bear with it until the end even if that means saving the program after every tiny edit and restarting the program a hundred times. I usually have success in rendering the project in pieces, and reimporting those files to work with, so Vegas is only concentrating on for example 1 file instead of 10, but it is frustrating to do.

However, this time I am only at the very start of my project, with barely 30 seconds of edited footage. Video playback lags and the crashes have already started. When editing, I like to dump all of the footage I plan on using into my project, then I'll delete and crop out anything that's unusable and hence narrow down my footage quite a lot, and then I leave it there to sit. I like to be able to preview the cropped footage right there in Vegas with multiple files available to skip through, rather than have to open each file individually in an external video player and skip through the bits I don't need.

Admittedly, this is one of the largest projects I have worked with and I have some 3 hours of cropped down footage from across (and I'm guessing here) about 100 videos, so for once I can understand why Vegas isn't happy with me. The majority of the files are MOV, with a handful of large HD mp4 files. However despite it starting to crash on my last few video imports, I did manage to crop and import all the videos I need. But now I'm stuck on the issue of properly starting my project and piecing it all together, and I can't work with the constant crashes.

My first and only idea so far is to just attempt a render (or more) of the footage to cut 100 working files into maybe like 6 files at 30 minutes each. I'm just hating on the idea that I'll have to go through those videos and make all the splits at different video intervals again, but I guess that's something I'm more than willing to do if I can then maybe have a working relationship with Vegas! However I'm also scared that it'll continue to crash due to file size rather than the amount of files. I am going to try this now anyway, though I'd love to hear any better solutions. Has anyone had experience or luck with this? I don't get any error messages as such pop up, it'll usually just close on it's own or freeze and I'll have to end the process.

I am running Vegas Studio Platinum 9.0 on Windows XP, although I am looking into upgrading to Windows 8 sometime soon, and will probably upgrade Vegas too (really sick of the 4 video and audio tracks limit). I turned off waveforms and frames a long time ago and haven't used them since.

Intel(R) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU
E7400 @ 2.80 GHz
2.80 GHz, 3.50 GB of RAM

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John Rofrano
Re: Vegas Studio Platinum 9.0 Constantly Crashing
on Mar 22, 2014 at 8:09:53 pm

With 100's of MOV files, I'm guessing that you're running out of memory on a 32-bit operating system. Upgrade to a 64-bit OS with a 64-bit version of Movie Studio and your problems should go away.


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Steve Rhoden
Re: Vegas Studio Platinum 9.0 Constantly Crashing
on Mar 23, 2014 at 1:31:43 pm

You are working on a large project on a low resourced
computer system in every way, you are bound to have issues.
Do as John recommended!

Steve Rhoden
(Cow Leader)
Film Editor & Compositor.
Filmex Creative Media.

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Dave Osbun
Re: Vegas Studio Platinum 9.0 Constantly Crashing
on Mar 24, 2014 at 3:04:21 pm

+1 on what John said.
My older system had only 4gb of RAM and worked fine until I started working with larger (and better) footage. I cured the crashing by bumping up the RAM to 8gb and never had a crash after that. 4gb is just not enough RAM anymore.


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