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Change Default image cross-fade type

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Freddy Rodriguez
Change Default image cross-fade type
on May 29, 2018 at 10:36:58 pm

Using Vegas Pro 13. Not sure what this is called...I'm going to use the term "Cross-Fade TYPE" for the sake of this thread. When I slide two images into each other so they overlap, the default cross-fade style is the one shown. It's two smooth curves. Can this default be changed?

Reading in other threads here, I see terms like Fast/Slow Log, Smooth/Sharp Cubic and Linear....frankly this is over my head (sounds math related). I labelled them in the image...hopefully I guessed correctly so we can have a productive discussion ☺

So, actually what I really need is, I don't mind leaving the default in place, (let's call it "slowLog-to-slowLog") but is there a way to change multiple cross-fades from their current type into another, at once? I created a SlideShow and have 30 pics, each with the "slowLog-to-slowLog" cross-fade type. However, I'd like to select the entire slideshow series of images and in one go, change the cross-fade type to "slowCubic-to-Linear", which is the one on Column 1, Row 3 of the screen capture shown.

I own Vegasaur and it's my go-to magic tool to solve all my problems, but I don't see anything like this. Thanks in advance, guys!

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Paul Berk
Re: Change Default image cross-fade type
on Jun 2, 2018 at 10:05:06 pm
Last Edited By Paul Berk on Jun 2, 2018 at 10:24:17 pm

I can't find a way in Vegas to change all the "Cross-Fade TYPES" in an existing .veg file in one operation ( maybe if Vegasaur won't do this, perhaps Excalibur does??)

... but regards changing the default for overlaps (or Cross Fades, or Dissolves as we use to call them), this can be done (in a limited way) by folks who know how to use the Internal preferences ..

Use the eDefEnvVideoASRType setting for video track fades.
Change the value to your preference from the table below.

2 = fast log
1 = linear
-2 = slow log
4 = smooth cubic
-4 = sharp cubic

Looks to me like this setting will only accept the values above, despite there being 25 possible transition overlap types for a cross fade.

Personally I don't see much use in changing the default, but maybe some folks do.

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Eric Clinch
Re: Change Default image cross-fade type
on Jun 3, 2018 at 12:39:35 am

Thanks Paul. I'd been looking for that internal setting for ages.

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