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Using/mixing different frame rates and resolutions

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Bart Francis
Using/mixing different frame rates and resolutions
on Mar 15, 2018 at 7:03:36 pm

Hi folks

I'm going to take my time and explain this as well as I can so it helps not just me but others. I have searched around and not really gotten a solid answer on some of this.

I am using Vegas 14 (don't even get me started on the crash machine that is Vegas 15, I'll save that for another post) creating a file at the standard template of "HD 1080-60i (1920x1080, 29.970 fps)". The only thing I've changed from the dropdown is the "full resolution render quality" to "best".
I have NOT checked the "adjust source media to better match...." button

The following media has been imported to the media bin or dragged on to the timeline (I'm assuming this does the same thing)

1. Format HEVC - 1920x1080x32 - Frame Rate 30 - .mov file
2. Format AVC - 1920x1080x12 - Frame Rate 29.97 - .mov file
3. Format AVC - 2560x1440x12 - Frame Rate 30 - .mp4 file
4. Format H.264 - 1920x1080x24 - Frame Rate 29.97 - .mov file


1. I want the 2k footage to stay at its original resolution and have the 1920 x 1080 frame start in the middle. On the 2k footage (#3 above) I have confirmed in the pan/crop window that it is indeed in the timeline at the correct resolution. However, the entire area is being converted to fit into the 1080p output. I would like to utilize the additional area around the 1920 x 1080 frame in different ways. However if I merely change the position in the pan/crop window I get a black bar around the rest of the footage. The following Cow advice said to just right click and choose match output aspect. But that doesn't seem to do anything (

2. is it ok for 29.97fps to live with 30fps? What about if there was footage at 24 or 60fps?
I am experiencing time slippage. I sync up all the audio to our slate at the beginning and eventually they drift apart. I'm thinking that could be because of the 29.97 vs 30 difference? If so how do I change the FPS to one or the other and I wonder if I need to check the "adjust source media to better match...." button when I import. But then where does that leave me with the 2k video that I want to stay at the original resolution?

3. While I got you here... what even is the 32 in 1920x1080x32? Do I need to worry about that? I see that I have 1 at 32, 2 at 12 and 1 at 24

Thank you so much for your kind attention to my questions. I know your time is valuable and I really appreciate it!

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Bernie Lademann
Re: Using/mixing different frame rates and resolutions
on Mar 15, 2018 at 11:48:59 pm

Hi Bart,

Just quickly, here is my 2c.
Question 1.

If you are creating a 1920x1080 project and want to use the 2K footage at 1920x1080 then use the "match output aspect". It will then scale down the whole image to fit. If you want to frame a 1920 x 1080 part of your 2K footage, use "match source aspect". This will now display pixels 1:1 and allow you grab a 1920x1080 from from the source.

Question 2.

Vegas converts the frame rate of the source media to match the project settings. I have had success in importing 30fps footage and 50fps footage into a 25fps project with no slipage. I have never tried the other frame rates.

Question 3.

The last number normally represents the color depth x colors. For example 32 = 8bit Red + 8bit Green + 8bit Blue + 8bit alpha channel
If there is no alpha channel, the it will come up as 24, rather than 32.
I am not sure whether 12 is correct, as I highly doubt that you have 4bit color channels. You need to check the source media to see what your file really is and then see if Vegas is representing the wrong information.


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Bart Francis
Re: Using/mixing different frame rates and resolutions
on Mar 20, 2018 at 10:29:59 pm

Thanks for your info Bernie

I'm not having much luck with the match source. Once I do that should I not see the additional footage around the frame?? Doesn't seem like anything is happening.

Anyone else have any replies to my questions?


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