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VSTplugins issues in Sony Vegas 15

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Lee Peters
VSTplugins issues in Sony Vegas 15
on Mar 13, 2018 at 5:22:19 pm

Hello everyone.
Up until a few days ago, my PC ran Windows 7 64bit. In that OS both Vegas 13 and 15 ran smoothly, including all VSTPlugins etc etc
A few days ago I've upgraded from Windows 7 64bit OS to Windows 10 64bit. Sony Vegas 15 itself DOES work, BUT all those VSTPlugins (those that start with G, like GMax, GClip etc etc) that used to run just fine on Windows 7, are NOT recognized now even though I've put them in a VSTPlugins folder in program files AND loaded all of them within the program (Options - Preferences - VSTPlugins - Choose folder - Refresh).
When I've done, the program DID run all those plugins, BUT they don't actually appear in any plugins category when I'm trying to add them to my audio tracks.
Now, all I care about is ONE plugin: GMax. This plugin lets you increase audio volume without serious quality loss. For example: when I record stuff by microphone and the audio track volume is a bit lower than expected, I add GMax and increase the volume by the amount of 3-4 and it's perfect.

My questions:
1) Is this issue something known that happens 'cause Win10 simply can't read/recognize such "old" plugins?
2) Does anyone have a solution for this (to make those plugins work again on Win10. At least GMax)?
3) Alternatively, is there any way to get a newer version of the GMax DLL file and/or an installation of some kind so it works?
4) Alternatively, does anyone know of any DIFFERENT plugin that will do the same thing as GMax does? All I care about is the GMax plugin. The others I've never really used..

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Steve Rhoden
Re: VSTplugins issues in Sony Vegas 15
on Mar 14, 2018 at 11:57:39 pm

You sure those plugins that are not working is Windows 10 compatible? Double check on there website!
Also have you tried uninstalling them completely and then reinstalling them?

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Lee Peters
Re: VSTplugins issues in Sony Vegas 15
on Mar 15, 2018 at 12:23:50 pm


1) How do I check whether or not they are (compatible with Windows 10)? I mean, I don't think I downloaded them from a specific website that's supporting them... Here are the ones I talk about: (GMax is the one I care about)

2) How do I uninstall and reinstall? All I did was what I always do when installing Vegas (put the VSTPlugins in Program Files and tell Vegas to load the plugins from it and it does automatically)...
Would appreciate if you explained how to uninstall and reinstall etc

Thank you

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Lee Peters
Re: VSTplugins issues in Sony Vegas 15
on Mar 16, 2018 at 3:57:53 pm

Yay! I can't believe it, I actually solved it myself..
I'm gonna explain how I solved it so that this solution stays here for others who experience similar issues:
Right click on the Vegas EXE file (the one that runs the installed program)
Click "Properties"
Nativate to the "Compatibility" tab
In "Compatibility Mode", Choose "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows ___" (In my case, I chose "Windows 7" since on Windows 7 Vegas and all the VSTPlugins ran perfectly).
Hit "Apply" and "OK"
Open Vegas, open "options" -> "Preferences"
Navigate to "VSTPlugins" tab
RECHOOSE the VSTPlugins folder from wherever you have it (mine is in Program Files"
Once chosen, hit the "Refresh" button
It'll ask you something like "this action will refresh/reload all vstplugins, are you sure you wanna do it?"
Hit "Yes"
It'll reload all plugins from the folder and... voilla!! They all work again!!!!!

Hope this little guide helps others..
And thanks for anyone who was trying to help me!

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Graham Bernard
Re: VSTplugins issues in Sony Vegas 15
on Mar 17, 2018 at 3:50:00 am

[Lee Peters] "It'll reload all plugins from the folder and... voilla!! They all work again!!!!!"
Great stuff! 👍 I’m sure this will help others too.

* Grazie

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Lee Peters
Re: VSTplugins issues in Sony Vegas 15
on Mar 18, 2018 at 5:04:36 pm

Yea, that's my goal, to help others ☺

Thanks everyone here..

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