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Vegas PRO12 crashing when recording audio

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Sam rosenthal
Vegas PRO12 crashing when recording audio
on Feb 6, 2018 at 9:10:57 pm
Last Edited By Sam rosenthal on Feb 6, 2018 at 11:00:45 pm


Vegas Pro12 Build 770 64-bit
Windows 7 Home Premium
on a Bootcamped Mac

I am one of the few people still using Vegas Pro12 for audio. I have been using it since 2002. It has been an ongoing joy and nightmare, the nightmare because of two problems, one of which I will ask about today. In one of Vegas' bug-filled updateds in the late 00s, this problem began happening. It has been doing it since pre-PRO12, on a number of different computers over the years.

Vegas crashes when I am recording audio. I am punching in vocals, for example. I record a punch-in of a couple of words. It draws the waveform in red in the track. It reaches the end of the punch-in region, and then the little wheel starts spinning. if i hit the space bar a few times, The screen grays back.

There is no way out except to end process and reopen.

The punch in I recorded is not there in the session. Of course not, I didn't save. I had to end process.

But interestingly, there's a new file saved to my hard drive with the right sequential number to be my punch-in. It has a file size that's appropriate for the length of the take I recorded. But it is a blank file. When I drag it into vegas, it is only a milisecond long. When I stretch out the file, so I can see all of it's content, it is blank.

Has anyone experience this?

My assumption is a setting is wrong somewhere.
I have 8 GB of Ram, and Vegas is using about 276K of it, when it crashes.

While it is sitting there with the wheel spinning (not yet grayed back) I go to the task manager and it says 1.71GB of Memory is used. As Vegas is the only application running, most of that must be Vegas. But I still have a lot of headroom here, so I haven't used up all the computer's RAM.

I wonder if somewhere there's not enough memory allocated to Vegas?

Sometimes this crash happens on my first punch-in, Sometimes on the tenth.
But in the last 3 hours, Vegas has crashed about 25 times.
I am going insane, as I can't work when I lose about 20% of what I do, and have to do it again.

When one song is having this problem, if I open a different song it will be fine.
It's almost like the Vegas session is corrupted, but if I save it under a different name, that doesn't help either.

WORKAROUND: I have to render down the file, start a brand new session and hope that it doesn't develop the same problem. this is a really annoying "solution" because if I want to bring the drums up, I have to go back to the previous version, bring the drums up, render, and move that render into the new session.



PRO12 Build 770
Running in Windows 7 on a Bootcamped Mac

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Sam rosenthal
Re: Vegas PRO12 crashing when recording audio
on Feb 7, 2018 at 7:02:21 am
Last Edited By Sam rosenthal on Feb 7, 2018 at 7:05:09 am

I tried a lot of different things today, try to solve my problem. None of them worked

This sounded promising: (Tips) Clean up of Vegas Temp files. I followed the instructions, Vegas went longer between crashes, but crash it did.

Then I had a thought. I checked, and the folder I have been saving all my punch-ins in had 887 files in it! I'm wondering if Vegas is choking when it goes to that folder because of the number of files / total file size? I created a new folder to save in. I only had about 30 more minutes in the studio, but Vegas didn't crash during that time! I will pick this session back up next week, and I'll update if my problem is fixed.

For now, if you have any other thoughts & suggestions for things to try, please share them.


PRO12 Build 770
Running in Windows 7 on a Bootcamped Mac

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