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Truly astounding Sony Vegas 13 glitch (duplicated images)

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Joe Bianchi
Truly astounding Sony Vegas 13 glitch (duplicated images)
on Oct 23, 2017 at 7:25:09 am
Last Edited By Joe Bianchi on Oct 23, 2017 at 7:57:36 am

The following glitch has occurred to me multiple times, but I have always found a "workaround." This time however, the glitch is so pervasive and unbelievable that I simply have to share it and ask if anyone has seen this before. Googling for nearly an hour has not revealed anything like this.

What you're seeing here is not intended. The right side of the frame is fine, that text is supposed to be panning off to the right. But out of seemingly nowhere, the left side of the frame has been hijacked and is now displaying the left side of another frame in the timeline. You can see the event of a rotating cube with a red background right there in the timeline. What's even more bizarre is that the rotating cube event has a Chroma Keyer on it in ALL instances, and yet the hijacked left side of the frame shows no evidence of being keyed.

Here's where it gets ridiculous:

This is the same frame, except if you look at the timeline you will see that I have removed all instances of the rotating cube event. The cube you see on the right side of the frame that is "supposed" to be there has been pre-baked into the background footage via a previous render.

So, Sony Vegas is taking a random frame from an asset THAT ISN'T EVEN IN THE TIMELINE, and it is forcing it into a random frame. Sometimes it will choose different footage for no reason:

Other examples include what appears to be a glitch where objects that are panning off get repeated somewhere else in the frame:

In that image you can see at the far right of the frame that all that text has almost panned entirely out of the frame, but Sony Vegas has magically duplicated it on the left side of the frame.

Pulling the glitching events into different parts of the timeline changes how the glitch occurs. The glitch will always occur the same way if the events are not altered. All I can assume is that the events are interacting with random assets for reasons that are a complete mystery to me.

LASTLY, the glitch completely stops occuring if I mute either layer. The error only happens when the two layers appear in frame at the same time.

Edit: The way I worked around it was by taking the glitching events, moving them up in the timeline by a few minutes, and then changing their playback to be .727 (i doubt the exact value is necessary, but many other playback rates did not work). I then rendered the events together, and inserted them at the correct speed in the proper timeline position.

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